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Hemp "n" Honey. Organic Carrot, Turmeric & Calendula Facial Bar

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Goodness me, what does this do?

Hemp oil is readily absorbed and penetrates deeply to provide: A smoother, more youthful and healthy skin. Moisturization that improves softness & smoothness to reduce fine lines, stretch marks and abrasions.. Anti-inflammatory and soothing effects reduce the symptoms of acne, psoriasis, eczema and Fibromyalgia skin related problems.

Honey. Honey is brimming over with natural antioxidants which play a vital role in protecting the skin from aging prematurely and from the damaging rays of the sun. Honey used on the skin is a natural humectants which means, it has the ability to attract and retain moisture. Making it wonderful to use as a facial masque on dry and mature skin types. However the healing properties of honey also make it an ideal product for blemishes and acne

Turmeric.  Acne, scarring, discolouration, aging skin,skin rejuvenating, antioxidant, helps skin elasticity, mature, dry, damaged skin to list but a few of the striking properties of this freshly prepared oil.

Carrot Seed Oil. Acne,  dry skin, dull skin, oily skin, scars, sensitive skin, stressed skin, aging skin,, stretch marks, aging skin, dull complexion, inflammation, blackheads, open pores.

Calendula essential oil and flowers.   Scrapes, scratches, bruises and especially burns respond well to Calendula washes, as do bug bites, diaper rash and allergic skin reactions. When applied to wounds, calendula prevents microbial growth and does not cause skin tissues to retract providing more oxygen to the skin cells to help speed up healing.


The beautiful Artisan soap is scented with the organic essential oils of bood orange orange, rose and light turmeric for an earthy but delicate scent.

• Made using natural hemp seed oil, the best too!

• Helps to cleanse skin without dehydrating it, we need this!

• Excellent foaming and lather, suds galore.

• Moisturizing properties from a very high glycerine content provides a pleasant skin feel, soft skin is in!

• Rich in emollients, the stuff that really nourishes and softens skin.

• Vegetable-based, animal friendly, love it!

• No colours or fragrances of any kind are added, nothing!

• No Parabens, phew!

• No phenoxyethanol, of course not.

• No sulfates, nothing to harm you.

• PEG free

• No Propylene

Features: Honey, and it's real!

• Made using real honey

• Naturally has light orange color of lovely honey, and yes, people like that appeal.

• Provides good foaming, lots of lovely lather.

• Moisturizing properties from a very high glycerine content provides a pleasant skin feel

• Rich in soothing and moisturizing properties

• Vegetable-based, and that makes it animal friendly.

• Natural formulation, as simple as possible to make sure it is as safe as possible.

• No sulfates, not one!

• MPG free

Key Ingredients:

  •  Real Honey
  •  Glycerin
  • Hemp Seed Oil