Essential earth soaps
Amber's Organics Essential Earth Soaps
Created to make your skin more beautifully healed than ever.

These are a far step away from my usual handcrafted editions. Introducing even more advanced ingredients, richer extracts, more vivid natural colour, more vibrancy and many-to-follow creative formulas, for the most beautiful and healed skin yet  My advanced formulas will show the difference on your skin. The new, light and creamy lather is made for delicate complexions, it leaves your skin feeling incredibly soft and hydrated. 

Organic White Thyme, Charcoal & Goats Milk - Problem Skin Balancer

First impressions. I really love the hand held size, I love the light scent, white thyme and a lull of citrus, it revives. I use a little warmed water  and light lather begins. Although, these do not produce the big lathers like my other soaps it does give a rich and creamy later that massages the skin beautifully. Yes, it feels like face cream, honest! I can feel it delving deep into the greasy clogged pores even without my usual exfoliating brush. I can feel a mild exfoliant action from the green clay, just a little, it does not irritate but feels good.  The lovely creamy goat milk counteracts the drying effects of the activated charcoal, this was my intent. My skin feels deeply clean and fresh. I applied some light face cream and off I go. I am happy with this and I hope you will be too. A success.

Orig.: $4.50
Sale: $1.50

Hemp "n" Honey. Organic Carrot, Turmeric & Calendula Facial Bar

The creamy lathering bar has been created for the following skin condtions. Acne, scarring, discolouration, aging skin,skin rejuvenating, antioxidant protection, helps skin elasticity, mature, dry, damaged skin. Oily skin, scars, sensitive skin, stressed skin, aging skin, stretch marks, aging skin, dull complexion, inflammation, blackheads, open pores. It has a natural and gentle lightening effect used over time.

From $4.50

Organic Lavender Castile & Lemongrass Goat Milk "My face or your face"

Our Castile is made from 100% Olive Oil, but we take it a step further by adding fresh and anti aging goat milk for a more solid, even more luxurious, creamy bar for the most sensitive skin. Gently fragrant with natural organic essential oils of calming, mood enhancing lavender and the deep tones of delicate lemongrass, the perfect duo for skins in need of acne, breakout, oil control.  Naturally, the soap does not dry the skin so you have a softer more hydrated skin tone

From $2.00