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Organic Herb Tea Garden Party Medicinal Collection.

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Let's make some tasty uplifting herbals tea's!

A healthy and tasty herb garden awaits you all you need to do it grow some of my finest seeds to create your own beautiful herbal tea garden and away you go, easy to grow even for Children and novice gardeners

In this delightful mix I include: The fragrant and extremely calming German Chamomile, fresh tasting immune boosting Holy Basil Rama, deliciously soothing Lemon Balm, stomach calming and cooling Peppermint, delicious lemongrass and refreshingly good mood-boosting St Johns wort  (Vervain will replace St Johns wort in CA)

6 packets


20-50 seeds in each packet.

Easy to grow herbs,these are fun and fulfilling and as you sip your long awaited home made and grown herbal tea's you can tell your friends where the tea came from-- your own back garden planted by your own fair hands!


Tea Tester recipes

Lemongrass, lemon balm and peppermint- fresh and lively

St Johns wort, Chamomile and lemon balm- calming night time and mood lifting

Holy Basil Rama and Lemon Balm- Immune booster tonic, pick me up

Chamomile and Peppermint- Afternoon tea, good with freshly baked lavender cake.

Garden mixer tea -all herbs included- tasty, calming, soothing and utterly fabulous

Have fun!