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Artemisia Annua

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Artemisia Annua Seeds (Sweet Annie, Qing-hao)


Sweet Annie - This is the old standard variety, it grows to a height of 6ft.  Wonderful scent can fill the atmosphere, when used as a cut flower. Gladly Reseeds freely.  Good for the Medical herb garden or as a background for flower beds.

Antibacterial; Antiperiodic; Antiseptic; Carminative; Digestive.

Ching Ho, better known in the West as sweet Annie, is a traditional Chinese herbal medicine. An aromatic anti-bacterial plant, recent research has shown that it destroys malarial parasites, lowers fevers and checks bleeding It is often used in the Tropics as an affordable and effective anti-malarial.

The leaves are antiperiodic, antiseptic, digestive, febrifuge An infusion of the leaves is used internally to treat fevers, colds, diarrhoea etc. Externally, the leaves are poulticed onto nose bleeds, boils and abscesses. The leaves are harvested in the summer, before the plant comes into flower, and are dried for later use

The plant contains artemisinin, this substance has proved to be a dramatically effective anti-malarial against multi-drug resistant Plasmodium spp. 

The seeds are used in the treatment of flatulence, indigestion and night sweats






    Full sun


    plant height: 6ft.


    90-100 days



    50 seeds packet