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Organic Facial and Body Treatment Oils.
Small batch, freshly prepared products just for your benefit.

These small batch, freshly prepared products have been created using organic high quality organic herbs, wildcrafted essential oils, freshly harvested flowers, selected oils and soothing butters. They seep for weeks (or months) to absorb the essence of herbs while sitting in the sun (and under the Luna moon) drawing into them the rays of solar healing powers and the divine calming effects of the moon. They are skillfully hand-crafted and exclusive only to Amber's Organics there is no one else who sells or crafts these specific beautifying balms and oils, they are truly unique. My balms and oils have many restorative benefits individually and can be used on the most tender skins including children, the fragile skin of the elderly, the delicate skin of those who are ill or in recovery and of course those who just care about lookng the best they can look without adding toxins to their body. Every one deserves to be naturally beautiful and to feel good about how they look and with these freshly prepared products you can guarantee you skin will show the results of the sincere devotion I take in creating these especially for you.  

The healing balms and oils sanctuary at Amber's Organics.