Medical Sustainable Herb Collections
Amber's Organics aim to produce sustainable organic gardens at an afford able cost to the great benefit of your own environments, communities and self-reliance practices.

A selective choice of medical herb combinations which can support improvement of your over all physical health whilst also, gently nurturing your spiritual and emotional self. I have found there are few things in life that offer such peaceful tranquility as a sacred garden environment, by surrounding your self with the blissful magnificence of nature it can encourage enormous healing and holistic benefit, especially if grown by your own loving hands.These collections are ideal for the garden enthusiast and for those wishing to become sustainable gardeners and are reaching toward a self-reliant lifestyle. Each garden is equipped to deal with a vast manner of health ailments. They will provide productive growth for you to create your own herbal concoctions whilst also storing up your own emergency seed-saving storehouse.These herb gardens are made with your very best interest in mind.

NOTE: Please use under supervision when taking medical herbs they are potent remedies not to be taken lightly, having said that they are extremely effective when used with caution and under medical supervision

To Make a Decoction:

A Decoction is another form of infusion  used to extract the chemicals from the hard or woody parts of the plant, such as twigs, roots, barks, rhizomes, berries, and some seeds.  Use one cup water for each teaspoon of herb used.  Bring to the boiling point, cover to retain the oils in the herbs, and gently simmer for thirty minutes.  Strain the tea and drink while hot. 

Organic Medicinal Garden of Cures "Heal All" Collection

A choice seed collection to inspire your drive and to restore earth ecology, albeit in the smallest way.This seed selection if ideal for those wishing to grow a small herbal pharmacy for themselves and others.The garden includes carefully selected herbs offering specific benefits for health and well-being.

The medicinal garden of choice for emergency preparedness missions.


Organic Balance Immune Boost Medicinal Garden.

A must for every Medical Herb garden.This collection is to help balance a weary immune system, each Herb is chosen for its rich ability to support immunological functions. 


Organic Stress Less Medicinal Garden Of Chill.

Stress-Less garden of chill is a complete lovingly created garden for those times when you just need to relax and unwind. We all find ourselves over whelmed with life. Here in this little garden sanctuary you can not only grow herbs that will sooth, relax and restore you but also you can allow your self time to spend with the calming spirits of the plants, surrounding your self with instant restfulness and gentle harmony of natural peace.

Each beautiful herb can be made into a health giving tea that will support your stress levels and help boost your immunity to fight the stress.


Organic VitaliTea Medicinal Herb Garden Collection

If you need more vitality and endurance to face a life so busy, full and active, this could be the garden for you. This formulated herb garden containing several strengthening herbs can be easily grown and eventually used to nourish your body at deep cellular levels for long term health stability. You can mix and match the herbs in your newly founded herb garden to create different health benefiting teas suitable for your weekly needs.  As your body's needs change this array of energizing herbs will give you plenty of choices to accommodate what your body requires. These are all tasty teas and will be a welcome addition to your healthier lifestyle.


Organic Medicinal Flowering Apothecary Garden

A striking combination of favorite medical flowering herbs that rest kindly in any yard, all of which are well known for their unique healing and therapeutic values. These are Ideal as a gift or suitable for the starter herb gardener.


Organic Little Green Lady Kitchen Herb Garden.

Organic "Little green lady" herb garden collection is fun and easy. A simple collection of favourite tasty herbs.  Suitable for the starter herb gardener.


NEW! Dandelion & Burdock Root Beer Combination

Grow the ingredients for this traditional British beverage. Both plants have a multitude of uses in their own right, but together make something really nourishing and have enormous cleansing benefits to the liver. 


Organic Heat Resistant "Desert" Medical Herb Garden

I can now offer you a complete array of medical herbs that withstand high heat.  It has been weary trial and much error as to finding a variety of health giving herbs that can with stand the elements of desert life, I finally found a selection to offer you bringing a bit of hope to the despondent new comer-gardener in the desert!


Woman Only! Organic Medical Garden for the Feminine Spirit.

A complete medical herb garden for the Feminine spirit. Each herb has balancing benefits for the female body.


Olde Medieval Medicinal Garden Of Brews

In the middles ages superstition played a large part of peoples drudgeries and difficult lives many people needed help emotionally and of course physically to endure these trying times. To add a little hope to survival among the fierce plagues, disease, murders and terrors many families would grow a medicinal herb garden to ward of evil spirits, heal emotional wounds, to give courage or confidence to weakened spirits, to help over come grief or anger and to tend to their sick or dying with the use of different experimental or tried and tested remedies, while some may have done good others may have caused more harm, none the less herbs created a vision of hope to the peoples prognosis at these dark times. With each herb lies a medieval tale of mysterious cure these people were obviously aware of the herbal properties and so the mystical myths that run freely along side each plant may only appear be a distant tale may also have some level of unknown truth, we can only guess.

"How can a man die when sage is growing in the garden?'


Organic Herb Tea Garden Party Medicinal Collection.

A healthy and tasty herb garden awaits you all you need to do it grow some of my finest seeds create your own beautiful herbal tea garden and away you go, easy to grow even for Children and novice gardeners


Let's make some tasty uplifting herbals tea's!


Organic Ayurvedic Medicinal Garden Collection.

Ayurvedic medicine (also known as Ayurveda) is India's primary healthcare system. More than 90 percent of the continent's population use some form of Ayurvedic therapy, including following its dietary principles, practicing traditional or "grandma's medicine," or seeking professional help from trained Ayurvedic practitioners. In the United States, Ayurveda is considered a complementary healthcare option, with many Americans employing Ayurvedic elements such as massage, meditation, or cleansing therapies.


Organic Chinese Medicinal Garden Collection

A basic collecton of Chinese medical herbs to start your own medicinal garden. This garden is ideal for the starter gardener to learn new herbal skills, also suitable for the Chinese herbal enthusiast.

“A bit of fragrance clings to the hand that gives flowers” Chinese Proverb


Organic Wise Sage Medical Herb Garden

Sage has so many health benefits and makes a beautiful addition to our medical herb gardens. Sage has a very long history of both medicinal and culinary uses. You can use the leaves fresh or dried in cooking and it is a popular flavoring in soups, fish, meat and cheese. It is sometimes fried by itself, and is a great flavoring for vinegar, honey and butter. It helps to digest fatty foods and is also made into a tea used for menopause, especially to treat "hot flashes", and is used to regulate menstrual periods.


The Winter ills & Chills Cabinet Collection.

A collection of herbs ready for you to plant, harvest and store for next years winters ailments. These selection will come in useful to treat all kind of Winters woes including, coughs, colds, upset stomachs, flu, chest infections, congestion, or any other " that time of the year" ailment. Use them for teas, inhalation therapy, make your own salves and chest rubs, the list is endless be creative and be responsible.


Container Herb Gardening is an excellent choice if you don't want the dirt inside your house but still have no place outside in the garden, so this guide will tell you how to perform this very special art. You can grow every Herb in a container annuals, biennials and perennials. What matters is the container itself. Though you can probably grow herbs in every container you can think of there are some things you should consider before choosing the right container:
First of all you should make sure that the container is not much higher than 5 inches since herbs don't have roots that grow that deep. Secondly you of course should look for a wide opening since you want to grow a lot of herbs most of the time. You can skip this if you just want some herbs for decoration but if you are going for cooking herbs you will need flat containers with wide openings.

Now the next thing to look out for is the drainage. You should really make sure that you purchase a container with wholes on the bottom or lower on the sides since we don't want the herbs to mould. Plastic and wood containers are fine but usually a little bit fragile to rain and frost so i would suggest you go for porcelain or lacquered ceramic pots. Also you could consider buying a light colored pot since dark ones heat up very fast and that is not good for the herbs.

When you choose the location for the container herb gardening be aware that most herbs need 5 hours of sunlight during the summer so place the pots accordingly. If you hang them somewhere its fine as long as its not directly under the roof. If you put them somewhere you should be aware if the drainage is not blocked by anything. Put the pot on something to prevent that. Now put something permeable under the wholes so that the soil doesn't get lost.

For the soil mix most people like either the gardening pot soil or just ordinary soil mixed with compost and sand. For container herb gardening you almost always add sand to the mix and you can also add some moss.

When you put in the herbs make sure that you cover them only lightly with soil and that they have enough space to grow. Besides you should do this in early spring when there is no more frost. Make sure the herbs get enough water, the very young ones need a lot of water but the older ones (if you have perennials) don't need that much. Just experiment a little bit with that you will see if the herb had enough water the day before or not. If you just planted them you should give them water daily else its fine to just water them every other day. Though you have to check if that is enough if you live in a very hot climate or the summer is irregularly hot.

The last thing to know for the container herb gardening is the winter protection and for that a lot of people just put about half an inch of mulch on the herbs once the first frost shows.

You now learned how to do the container herb gardening properly, select the right container, place it well and take care of the herbs.