A Vocation, a mission, the reason behind it all.

"But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness;
and all these things shall be added unto you.


God, our Heavenly Father is the Creator of this Universe, and the Creator of each of us.  We are all literally His children, brothers and sisters one to another.  God gives us these life experiences, each different and each suited for a particular child.  As we learn and endure, He alone determines the outcome and how long we shall live in mortality.  He hears and answers our prayers, not based upon our own personal desires and needs, but from His vantage and view of an eternal perspective. 


Would you like to contribute in some way to this thriving and evidently viable business? We are seeking sponsors, Investors, donations and energetic volunteers, to support the growth of this worthy cause. Amber started this "tiny  organic universe" (as she calls it)  from one donation of just $500 and 25 packets of seeds, in that time she faced horrendous adversity and trauma after a brutal attack which on top of her serious medical condition, broke her hip violently,  amazingly this has not deterred her from her visional quest or from picking up the pieces (yet again) of her much appreciated life and moving on to create this magnificent, educational, community benefiting and successful, self sufficient business. The only lack she faces presently is the much needed funding to move it to a higher level of success of which this business is bursting at the seams to expand.   We are diligently looking out for $500 to $10,000 as the starter goal, with that we have hopes to invest money wisely into the development of this fascinating adventure.  You should see what the Lord does for this brave Lady and we would love you to be part of the miracle. So, please consider looking into your heart and helping her reach the place that God intended her to get to with her righteously motivated dream.  As she keeps telling me frequently " this is about a service to God, not about me" I admit from what I have witnessed of this courageous and charming Lady, I tend to agree.     A Devoted Friend.

Call 210 267 7326 for further details.



Finally, Amber has a remarkable life ahead of her.  She works diligently to be self-sufficient, serving others and contributing constantly to society and to her local community by a self driven business which only formed from a vision out of her naturally creative enthusiasm, exhausting hard work and sheer grit determination.  

If you, like we, are inspired by the courage and perseverance of this great lady and her horrific medical story of pain and suffering, and if you have the ability to provide any type of support or assistance, it would be greatly appreciated. ______________________________________________


"But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness;
and all these things shall be added unto you.


Amber Soffea has always been exceptional, both medically and personally. From the materials on this page, people will come to understand that Amber has been afflicted for many painful years by an unusual HYPER IGM immune deficiency disease, CVID, and complement deficiency perpetuating a rare, auto-immune condition called Behcets disease. This strange form of a unique, highly complex immunological complexity was left deliberately untreated, almost resulting in her death, a serious consequence of suffering the cruel effects of willful medical negligence. The agonizing years finally eased somewhat, when faith brought her to USA to attend Stanford university for a further workup and investigation after denial of care in her own country within great Britain's natural health service. She is still under the watchful monitoring eye of local Dr plus the guided expertise of a Professor at The University of TX who see fit to administer a collection of Infused IVIG anti-body treatments, in hopes of finally allowing her a better quality of life.

Much of this previously lacking diagnosis stems from the inability of physicians to proceed with such work without adequate funding,  but also their blatant refusal of even the most basic care and the NHS Doctor's words repeatedly told to her, " it would be cheaper for the NHS if she died". Whilst we know that these wasted years are not replaceable, her sheer grit and courage prove to be the strongest part of this spirit driven Lady leading her to cling for dear life, to the very life she has almost lost. At last hope has arisen and she wishes that others may see that hope and possibility remain a constant despite all circumstances and all situations.

One risks committing the deepest of injustices by viewing Ambers exceptional being only in knowing her by her illness. Personally Amber stands only to serve others. For Amber, this service stems from her deep, spiritual faith that operates as a guiding principle in helping others. Amber understands her diagnosis, treatment, and eventual recovery only as functions in helping and serving. Indeed, Ambers diagnosis and treatment have already helped and served others. Further funding for additional research, diagnosis, and treatment will only continue this help and service. Finally, Ambers personal, axiomatic understanding of her role in this world guarantees that when made whole, she will only continue to help and serve others.


Many people are born into this world; Some suffer with great challenges.  Amber was born with vast afflictions, and learned courage, dignity and strength of character.

"Amber has come to the United States hoping that greater compassion and fidelity prevail on this side of the Atlantic Ocean.  However, in place of socialized bureaucratic red tape Amber has come to understand the realities of medical insurance.  As a pre-existing case, Ambers diagnosis and treatment has depended on out-of-pocket resources and kind donations."
Las Vegas, Nevada


"I have been aiding Amber Soffea while here in the United States. I am an infectious disease specialist and have determined that Amber has some sort of an unusual form of immune deficiency.  She needs to be seen by a physician who can correctly diagnose her problem and institute an appropriate treatment plan."
Dr. Gary Skankey M.D.
Las Vegas, Nevada 


"Amber Jane Soffea is a light to the world.
She has tremendous faith, courage, child-like love, honesty and the brightest attitude of anyone I have ever met.  Not only is she extremely beautiful on the outside, but she has the kindest, most loving, caring spirit on the inside.  She has touched and blessed many lives, including my own.  I am grateful to have you as a friend and hope others will get to know you as I have; the sweet British angel who has touched my life for good.  I have never met anyone more deserving of help than Amber.  I hope you will find it within your heart to help in whatever way possible for this very genuine need."
In Memory of James Jolley, Contributor/Friend
Las Vegas, Nevada


Forgiveness: Setting Ourselves Free
Forgiveness is about letting go of pain and anger - not necessarily about condoning or excusing or trusting without reason. Forgiveness restores to us a sense of the essential goodness of life, boosts mood, reduces rage, alleviates depression, lowers stress hormones and preserves close relationships. Forgiving improves health more than being forgiven. By forgiving, we restore our own faith in the essential goodness of life. And yet, the way we choose to do so is always individual. We each craft our own quilt of forgiveness.