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Welcome to the AO Soap Bar!
Zero Waste! Sustainably sourced palm oil!

AO bar soaps are zero waste and crafted with sustainably sourced palm oil, so they’re good for you and even better for Mama Earth. Purchase with confidence, you are not supporting the "engineered food industry". The AO brand of Handmade Soaps, and other exclusive handmade products, contain NO genetically modified oils (GMO).


I add no Parabens, sodium lauryl sulfate (or similar), unnatural preservatives, or petroleum products to my unique soaps. 

Certified sustainable palm oil (CSPO) is palm oil that has been grown on a plantation that has been managed and certified according to the principles and criteria of the Round table on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO). This means the plantation was established on land that did not contain significant biodiversity, wildlife habitat or other environmental values, and meets the highest environmental, social and economic standards as set out by the RSPO.

Amber's Organics handmade soaps are based upon high quality herbal infusions, essential oils and exclusive natural oil blends. The soaps are nourishing, softening and non drying when used as body or facial soaps.  The sweet scented (or unscented, as you choose) soaps are extremely cleansing, pore de-clogging and deeply restorative to the complexion, they are mildly exfoliating gently scrubbing away dead skin and revealing over time a beautiful new appearance. Some of the most sensitive as well as the most damaged complexions has been amazed by the magnificence of the soaps ability to work at a personal level of skin rejuvenation. These high quality soaps make the perfect hydrating body wash, they are long lasting when stored correctly and naturally respectful to skin, and of course less destructive to the environment. The lavish soaps suit all skin types including those with dry, damaged, hypersensitive, sore, irritated and sensitive skins, oily and blemished, acne aggravated skins or those suffering serious complaints such as acne, psoriasis, dermatitis and eczema. We handcraft these cold processed soaps from scratch using raw natural quality materials and adhering to old fashioned techniques because this works best for your skin.



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Extremely Dry/Damaged or Extremely Sensitive Skin

Best:Super Shea, Aloe Calendula. Rhassouls Wild Aloe. 

Good: All Aloe & Extracts soaps, Orange Hibiscus, All Goats Milk Soaps, Unscented

Moderately Dry or Sensitive Skin

Best: All Aloe & botanical Extracts Soaps, Aloe Calendula,  Super Shea,  Orange Hibiscus, All Goat milk Soaps, Olive Oil Selections without clay (see individual ingredients in product descriptions) Oatmeal containing. Pink Sandalwood Rose.

Good: All other soaps not mentioned above.

Moderate to Moderately Oily Skin

We would recommend most of our soaps for oily skin because they do not excessively strip the skin of oils nor leave excessive residue which can cause skin to overproduce oils naturally.  We would, however, not recommend the use of soaps that work "best" for extremely dry skin as this too may cause the overproduction of natural skin oils.

 Oily Skin

Highly recommended soap - Dirt Buster Charcoal.  We would recommend most of our soaps for oily skin because they do not excessively strip the skin of oils nor leave excessive residue which can cause skin to overproduce oils naturally.  We would, however, not recommend the use of soaps that work "best" for extremely dry skin as this too may cause the overproduction of natural skin oils.  We have also found that Goats milk is more moisturizing and thus not ideal for oily skin.

NOTE: Excessive Oils on skin can be caused by numerous problems, using our soap will generally not add to the problems unless used to excessively wash the skin.  Our statements should not influence full diagnosis made by professionals.  Also, oily skin could be caused by many issues including, but not limited to: diet, limited water intake, humidity, medication, and heredity factors. 

Face & Complexion

Since the face is generally more sensitive we recommend only soaps that are more lighter based with less strong essential oils used: Super Shea, Calendula, Olive Oil Unscented, Goat Milk Oatmeal Unscented, Rhassouls, Wild Aloe, Dream Soap, Rosemary, Rosewood, Sweet Roses, Lavender, Lime, Cucumber, Melon, Eucalptus and tea tree and the rest of  my lighter fragrances and formulas. I do stock many "masque in a soap" that are gentle and beautiful, please ask if you need assistance for your particular skin type.

For face skin not as sensitive, we recommend the following soaps: All Aloe and Extracts Soaps, All Goat milk and Oatmeal Soaps






Amber’s Organics Scent Bar


Allspice:Warm clove like sweet spicy fragrance.

Angelica:Sharp, similar to the scent of green stems just broken

Anise:The smell of liquorice. Warm and Sweet

Basil:Sweet, spicy, warm and fiery. Somewhat liquorice like.

Bergamot:Fresh, sweet and refreshing, but with slightly spicy floral undertones.

Black Pepper:Pungent, spicy, warm, herbaceous peppery aroma

Calendula:Herbaceous, pungent, strong.

Cardamom:Fresh, sweet, green, spicy, balsamic.

Cedarwood:Soft, sweet, warm, woody and fruity with honey overtones.

Chamomile:Sweet, herbaceous, fresh and fruity.

Cinnamon:A sweet, spicy hot fragrance. The aroma is smoky and warm.

Citronella:Grassy, fruity, and slightly herbaceous with a citrus undertone.

Clary Sage:Nutty, heady, herbaceous, warm and mildly intoxicating.

Cypress:Fresh, woody, clear, light, slightly spicy with a clean scent.

Eucalyptus:Pungent, sharp, strong and camphor-like with woody subnotes.

Everlasting:Strong, honey and hay odour with herbaceous notes.

Fennel:Herbaceous, sweet honey, very liquorice-like, and warm.

Frankincense:Soft, balsamic, heady fragrance, warm, sweet and incense like.

Geranium:Flowery rose, sweet, dry citrus undertone.

Ginger:Peppery, sharp, fresh, pungent, earthy aromatic and warm.

Grapefruit:Warm, sweet and fresh citrus with slight floral undertone.

Hyssop:Woody, earthy, sweet and warm.

Jasmine:Rich, warm, floral, and sweetly exotic with floral honey like aroma.

Juniper:Fresh, fruity, woody, spicy and herbaceous.

Lavender:Fresh, floral, light, powdery, and sweet. One of the most popular EO's.

Lemon:The most well known citrus scent, clean, sweet, sugary and light.

Lemongrass:Citrus, herbaceous and smoky. Kind of like a hay field type aroma.

Lime:Fresh, citrus scent, sweet and candy like.

Mandarin:Warm, citrus, and fruity with floral overtones.

Myrrh:Warm, smoky, slightly musty and earthy.

Neroli:Floral, powdery, spicy, sweet with highly radiant fragrance.

Orange, Sweet:Fresh, fruity, tangy and sweet. A perky and lively scent.

Palmarosa:Sweet, rosy, floral, herbaceous and lemony.

Patchouli:Earthy, heavy, musty musk, penetrating, herbaceous, and smoky.

Peppermint:Minty fresh, slightly camphor-like, candy-like.

Petitgrain:Floral, fresh and revitalizing with a hint of orange.

Ravensara:Spicy, herbaceous, clear, sweet and liquorice-like.

Rose Absolute:Intense, sweet and floral. The queen of flowers.

Rosemary:Woody, fresh, herbaceous, powerful and sharp.

Rosewood:Sweet, woody, powdery soft with an underlying rose scent.

Sandalwood:Warm, rich, sweet, woody and soft.

Spearmint:Minty, cool, candy-like and fresh.

Tangerine:Sweet, sparkling fresh citrus.

Tea Tree:Sharp, spicy, warm with medicinal tones.

Vanilla:Sweet, honey-like, distinctive. Scent said to be most like mother's milk.

Vetiver:Earthy, musty with softness and full body aroma, and sweet woody aroma.

Ylang Ylang:Sweet, intense, floral, tropical and heady with an overtone of banana.