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Organic Skinny Sprinkles - speed up the metabolism and burn fat
Organic Skinny Sprinkles - speed up the metabolism and burn fat

Skinny sprinkles are so good for you, they are tasty and interestingly nutritious to add to savoury foods or sweet foods, they will help speed up the metabolism and burn fat as well as easing fluid retention

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Organic Galangal Powder
Organic Galangal Powder

The abbess Hildegard of Bingen described galangal as a spice good for the heart, a spice that can even prevent a heart attack: „Whoever has pain in the heart area or is suffering weakness because of the heart, should immediately eat enough galangal and he will recover." According to Dr. DeBakey, 70% of all heart attack patients die in the first few hours after a massive myocardiac infarction. Unfortunately few people know that galangal can help immediately and often prevent death.

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New! Organic Pumpkin Seed Nutritional Powder
New! Organic Pumpkin Seed Nutritional Powder

Pumpkin seed powder is a balanced source of beneficial proteins. In addition to protein, it is a great source of iron, B vitamins, vitamin E, fiber, oil, and minerals. It is an excellent supplement to help aid in the health of the prostate and can help ease insomnia.

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Organic Coconut Chips Unsweetened
Organic Coconut Chips Unsweetened

All natural, dried, unsweetened organic coconut chips with nothing added. These organic coconut chips have a mild flavor and light, crisp texture that is perfect for your recipes. They are great for baking, cooking, granola, or anything that requires coconut. Our unsweetened coconut chips are certified organic by CCOF.

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Organic Bee Pollen -  Anti-Allergy Remedy
Organic Bee Pollen - Anti-Allergy Remedy

The antioxidants in bee pollen are compounds chemists call flavonoids. Bee pollen packs the punch of myricetin, quercetin, rutin, and trans-cinnamic acid. You don't need to remember their names, but here's what they can do for you. Myricetin helps white blood cells soak up the "bad" LDL cholesterol out of the bloodstream. Quercetin is a natural antihistamine"the right kind of pollen can be beneficial for your allergies. Rutin is best known as the remedy for varicose veins. Rutin protects veins throughout the body and may help prevent cancer as well. Your body uses trans-cinnamic acid to make its own antibiotics, and this potent nutrient also powers the detoxifying processes of the liver. Another key fact about bee pollen is that it is a source of complete nutrition. Bee pollen is richer in protein than any flesh-based food. Gram for gram, bee pollen supplements contain more amino acids than fish, beef, or egg

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Organic Chia Seed Sustainer The Omega 3’s Perfect Tea
Organic Chia Seed Sustainer The Omega 3’s Perfect Tea

“Discover for Yourself the Ancient Seed that Increases Energy Levels, Improves Cardiovascular Health, Stabilizes Blood Sugar, Boosts Brain Power, Supports Immune Function, Assists Elimination and Detoxification ”

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Organic Snack e Pack - nibble/ tester/snack
Organic Snack e Pack - nibble/ tester/snack

Love this snack e pack. You can test each of my favourite nibbles in including my ginger cookies, lemon drops, crystalised ginger, English walnuts, dried mini  strawberries, unsweetened coconut, tea bombs, in this easy to carry pack of tasty and healthful convenience.  Offer these to your friends, or co workers to make your popularity status excel (It's worth a try!) The mini pack will keep hunger at bay and stop you ruining your healthy diet.

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Organic Golden Flax Seed
Organic Golden Flax Seed

Organic golden flax seed is extremely rich in omega-3 fatty acids, specifically alpha-linolenic acid or ALA, which reduces inflammation levels in the body and lowers the risk for chronic conditions such as heart disease and arthritis. Flax seed is also an excellent plant-based source of lignans, a type of phytoestrogens that may have anti-cancer properties. Animal studies suggest that the lignans found in flax seed may have protective effects against breast cancer and prostate cancer.

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Organic English (Raw, No Shell) Walnuts Fresh + Delish!
Organic English (Raw, No Shell) Walnuts Fresh + Delish!

AO's raw English walnuts are select quality and are guaranteed to be fresh and delicious.These no shell, raw walnut halves and pieces are mainly grown domestically in California and Oregon. In addition to their rich taste and culinary versatility, walnuts are one of the healthiest nuts on Earth.

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Organic Black Sesame Seeds - Treat age related symptoms
Organic Black Sesame Seeds - Treat age related symptoms

The Chinese believe that the nutrients in black sesame seeds can help to correct a bodily deficiency (in Ying and Xue of the Gan and Shen) brought about by aging, worrying and the toils of life, which in turn bring about aging-related symptoms like graying hair, blurry vision and ringing in the ears. As such, many Chinese consume black sesame seeds on a regular basis in the hope of delaying, or even reversing, some of these aging-related symptoms. Is there any basis for the link between black sesame seed and anti-aging? Yes, at the very least, the seeds are rich in B vitamins and iron, which deficiencies can lead to the premature graying of hair, poor memory and hearing loss.

From $3.00

Saint Hildegard of Bingen

– a legendary healer, visionary, musician, artist, poet, and saint. Her works include seventy-seven symphonic compositions; Scivias, a compilation of her visions; and her two major medical works, Causae et Curae, the first christian medical compendium, and Physica - nine volumes on natural healing.

Hildegard von Bingen, a Benedictine abbess, was admired as prophetissa teutonica, (German Prophet) by her contemporaries. In her visionary illuminations we see that everything is inseparably connected in the cosmic web of the universe. In contrast to the mystical wisdom and knowledge of the East, Western science has in the past few centuries abandoned any spiritual dimension and is responsible for the environmental disaster plaguing this fragile planet. The growing awareness of ecological threats to continued human existence brings into focus Hildegard's visions of God the Creator and the working of the universe as a unity. Hildegard's wisdom can heal the split between science and spirituality because it provides a synthesis of science and nature with religion.


St. Hildegard's Cookies of Joy

(Recipe reconstructed and adapted from Hildegard's circa 1157 treatise Physica: Liber Simplicis Medicinæ ) These biscuits were first made over 900 years ago by the Christian saint, Hildegard of Bingen. She said that these spice biscuits should be taken t regular intervals to increase joy and positivity! I like to substitute half of the plain flour with spelt flour, and use all organic ingredients.

(Recipe reconstructed and adapted from Hildegard's circa 1157 treatise Physica: Liber Simplicis Medicinæ ) These biscuits were first made over 900 years ago by the Christian saint, Hildegard of Bingen. She said that these spice biscuits should be taken t regular intervals to increase joy and positivity! I like to substitute half of the plain flour with spelt flour, and use all organic ingredients.

Number of Servings: 30


3/4 cup butter or margarine (1 1/2 sticks)
1 cup brown sugar
1 egg
1 tsp baking powder
1/4 tsp salt
1 1/2 cups flour
1 tsp ground cinnamon
1 tsp ground nutmeg
1/2 tsp ground cloves


Let butter soften and then cream it with the brown sugar. Beat in the egg. Sift the dry ingredients. Add half the dry ingredients and mix. Add the other half and mix thoroughly. Dough may be chilled to make it workable. Heat oven to 350°. Form walnut sized balls of dough, place on greased and floured cookie sheet and press flat. Bake 12-15 minutes (till edges of are golden brown.)

Cool for 5 minutes, remove from cookie sheet and finish cooling on racks.
Number of Servings: 30.0

An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest." Benjamin Franklin (1706 -1790)


Hildegard, Heart and Galangal

Shortly before Dr. Michael DeBakey's 100th birthday he wanted to hold a symposium in Houston with his fellow doctors to introduce them to Hildegard medicine. He himself had experienced the healing of a chest wound, which had been infected for almost 2 years with hospital bacteria. By applying a yarrow compress several times a day, as Hildegard described, and in addition drinking yarrow tea daily the wound finally healed and closed over. Through a spelt diet he was also cured of a life-threatening diarrhea. In addition he had found that galangal made his heart strong.

The abbess Hildegard of Bingen described galangal as a spice good for the heart, a spice that can even prevent a heart attack: „Whoever has pain in the heart area or is suffering weakness because of the heart, should immediately eat enough galangal and he will recover." According to Dr. DeBakey, 70% of all heart attack patients die in the first few hours after a massive myocardiac infarction. Unfortunately few people know that galangal can help immediately and often prevent death.



First chapter of Daniel in the Old Testament:

The first clinical evidence that a diet is related to health, strength, intelligence and vitality is found in the first chapter of Daniel in the Old Testament. 2500 years ago King Nebacadnezer chose ten handsome, intelligent Jewish boys free from physical defects and of royal descent to serve his court.  They were to be trained and nourished three years with the king's own diet, meat and wine.  Not wishing to defile themselves, Daniel and three other boys refused the king's diet, eating only vegetables and water.  After three years the king was more impressed by the health and radiant glow of Daniel and his friends than of the 6 other boys who had received the king's diet.  No matter what question they were asked they were 10 times more intelligent than any magician in the whole kingdom.  Spelt, a well-known grain in the Old Testament, was certainly a part of their vegetable diet. (Exodus 9:31, 32 Ezekiel 4:9) Today science has increasing evidence, that health is linked to the diet and life style.  A report issued a year ago by the U.S. surgeon general and the National Academy of Science concluded that „diseases of dietary excess and imbalance ... now account for more than two-thirds of all deaths in the United States." (Chicago Tribune, July 16, 1989).


 The 10 major degenerative diseases of OVER-consumption

associated with the current diet high in refined and processed foods, rich in fats, salt and sugar are:

  1. Atherosclerosis, coronary heart disease (heart attack) and cerebral disease (stroke)

  2. Hypertension

  3. Obesity

  4. Diabetes mellitus (adult onset)

  5. Cancer of the colon, breast, uterus, prostate, ovary and pancreas

  6. Cirrhosis of the liver

  7. Alzheimer's disease

  8. Venous thrombosis

  9. Kidney disease

  10. Immune deficiency (virus diseases, influenza, colds, AIDS) 

These diseases are related to the UNDER-consumption of foods low in bulk (fiber).  The significance of complex carbohydrates and fiber for the diet is obvious!

  • Constipation (poor digestion)

  • Diverticulosis

  • Appendicitis

  • Varicose veins

  • Hiatal hernia

  • Hemorrhoids

  • Hypoglycemia (low blood sugar)

  • Irritable-bowel sydrome

  • Gallstones

  • Depression and irritability

  • Food allergies (adverse effects of food additives, pesticides and insecticides, wheat and soybeans)

  • Early aging

You can find spelt in all over the world, even in Australia!  Ten years ago a Hildegard friend encouraged farmers to the west of Sydney in Kangaroo Valley to grow spelt and met with great success.   Another Hildegard friend and farmer himself grows spelt in West Australia close to Albany. The Hildegard diet of spelt, vegetables and fruit provides an optimal digestion and can prevent and often cure diseases.  Hildegard chose remedies in nature for their healing value (a principle called subtility), thus there is no difference between remedies and foods.  Everything that is good for the body is also a remedy.  As in progressive holistic medicine the organism as a whole is nourished and strengthened.  When one is suffering from an illness of the liver, not just the liver but the entire body must be cured.  The art of cooking and the art of healing are one and the same in Hildegard's medicine.

The simplicity of the Hildegard diet does not require measuring the complicated data of calorie charts, vitamin tables, fat percentages, or fiber content.  This simple diet is totally complete in itself.  Supplementation through additional vitamin or mineral pills is not only unnecessary, but is not recommended.  Hildegard's frugal diet contains fresh vegetables and fruits in season, preferably grown in the immediate area.  Instead of an overabundance of various foods from exotic lands and the cultivation of gourmet tastes, Hildegard advocates a plain diet which can nevertheless be delicious and healthful.

The characteristic, important, and fundamental substance of a food is its essential essence, its subtility.  For the Hildegard diet, this is the scale which weighs and selects the foods.  On the basis of subtility we can select „good" foods from the various food families for our diet.  All things 100-percent „good" have health-promoting, health-sustaining, rejuvenating, and vitalizing qualities as a part of their fundamental nature.

Whole Grains

Spelt is the most ancient grain – the very best and can be used for cooking and baking.

Oats are only good for healthy persons; they promote beautiful skin and lead to health and happiness.

Wheat is only good as wholewheat or graham flour and is recommended only for baking.

Rye is only good for healthy persons; it is excellent for those who tend to have heavy fat deposits (hard workers) but detrimental for persons with weak stomachs (gastritis).

Barley injures healthy persons and those with anemia and poor circulation, for barley lacks the values which are found in the other grains.

Recommended vegetables:

Fennel however eaten, fennel makes us happy, produces beautiful skin, good digestion, and good body odor.

Celery, Chickpeas, Pumpkin and Squash, Red beets, Watercress, Lettuce and other salads only with salad dressing; it strengthens the brain and provides good digestion.

Chestnuts fill an empty brain and strengthen heart, liver, and stomach.

Beans such as green beans, soy beans, kidney beans and all other beans.

Onions always cooked

Broccoli, Carrots, Corn, Parsnips, Sweet potatoes, Zuchinis,

Recommended Fruits

Apples raw are only for healthy persons; cooked or well baked for sick and healthy; old, wrinkled, raw apples also good for sick.


Quince are especially good for rheumatism and arthritis.

Red and black currants, Grapes, Raspberries, Blackberries


Citrus fruits, Cornel cherries, Melons

Dates in moderation.

Meats and Fish

Fish good for healthy and sick; pike, perch, roach, and grayling.

Good only for healthy: salmon, herring, carp, and trout.

Poultry & Chicken are easy to digest; Hildegard recommends its use all year round; prepare without skin.

Turkey: Though Hildegard is silent on turkey, it is easy to digest and is lowest in cholesterol of all meats. Wild goose, wild duck are only for healthy persons.

Ostrich meat is exellent for obese persons.

Lamb in spring and summer is good for healthy and sick; especially good for varicose veins. Hildegard writes: „Whoever is failing in his whole body and whose veins are withered should often sip the juice of lamb and of the soup in which it was cooked. Also he should eat some of the meat and, when he improves, he can eat even more meat if he wants."

Goat in spring and summer is good for healthy and sick. In Hildegard's words: „If goat meat is eaten often, it heals obstructed and malfunctioning weakened intestines and heals and strengthens the stomach.

Venison in fall and winter is good for healthy and sick. Hildegard says: „Whoever eats of this meat frequently is cleansed of slime and filth. Whoever is plagued by precancerosis (vicht) should eat often from its liver and it will devour the vicht in him.

Dressings and Spices

The standard dressing for Hildegard's salad contains one tablespoon pure wine vinegar (or basalmico), three tablespoons sunflower oil cold- pressed, and a bit of brown sugar to neutralize the sour taste. Lemon juice, as well as yogurt, can also be used.

ABC of Hildegard's Spices:

bay leaves
cinnamon – universal spice for the sinuses
cubeb pepper – clears the intellect
cumin – makes cheese more digestible
curled mint
fennel – „happy making" spice, good for bad breath
galangal – activates entire organism, especially heart
hyssop – chicken spice; excellent for liver colic and melancholy
mother of thyme – good for skin disorders
pellitory – universal spice; aids digestion of all nutrients
stinging nettle


Hildegard recommends drinking in moderation during the meal.

Fennel tea is the best tea and is 100 percent good for your health. You can also use lemon balm or rosehips for tea.

Beer is a beverage especially good for the persons underweight. It is a good muscle builder and provides a healthy skin color.

Wine is also good in moderation – almost a remedy for the sick. But do not forget to add a squirt of water in order to „humanize" the wine. The quenched wine is especially helpful to keep you happy, if you are sad. (A glass of good biological wine is cooked until it begins to boil and then quenched with a small amount of cold water. Drink the warm wine slowly and your sadness will disappear.)

Spelt coffee, a roasted-grain coffee substitute, is recommended for the digestion, especially as a breakfast coffee.

Spring and well water are normally better than mineral water. As a general rule, a good mineral water should contain as few minerals as possible in oder to cleanse the body of waste products. Mineral water is not always good as a main drink, especially if it contains too many minerals.

Orange and lemon juice are good for your health, especially when fever is present.

Vitamin C is not an orange! Calories are not calories! Carbohydrate calories burn more body calories to be digested than fat calories which have been proven to fatten faster than carbohydrate calories. Fat is not fat; there are mono-, poly-unsaturated and saturated fatty acids as well as cholesterol, which all have their function in the body. Butter, in moderation, is better than the partially hydrogenated oils found in margarine.

This is not a „new way of cooking" but it is present-day cooking seen from the previously unknown viewpoint of St. Hildegard's medicine. The nutritional value of the various food sources is important, but their curative properties for mankind are just as important.