Organc AO Exclusive Shampoo, Conditioners & Natural Hair Treatments.
For healthier hair, AO uses less chemicals, more of what's natural, extensive research and lots of those little details.

How long before I can see results?   Please, be realistic, give your hair time to heal, just as your body needs to heal, so does your hair need healing time to regenerate itself.  Most individuals will see an immediate benefit, such as shiny, fuller, healthier looking, bouncy hair after 1 - 3 applications, it all varies dependent on the cause of your hair issue.  Give your treatment a good month to see any noticeable change, adhere to your treatment protocol, do not give up, it will happen. Eat good food, sleep a good sleep, keep your body exposed to natural living, sun, barefoot walking, breathing, and rest when needed.  Avoid chemical treatments while using these natural hair products if possible, but if you succumb to the hairdressers requests just make sure you keep this in mind that it might decrease the  period of renewal for your hair. Please text me if you have concerns or questions, I am here to help you and your hair become as beautiful, strong and healthy as possible.


A great deal of knowledge, experimentation and care goes into creating these shampoo's and hair products. Most chemical containing brands can do more long term harm than good, plus they have devastating effects on the environmental creating even more pollutants.  These hair products are made without SSL's  and with the least chemical compounds available plus my own Amber's Organics brand of pure balm and hair oils have absolutely nothing but nature added for total purity. The line of hair care still has the benefits of leaving your hair softer and shinier than ever before, they build the roots and clean the scalp in the purest of ways. They foam well and clean the hair thoroughly without stripping away natural oils, a sensible choice for the environmentally conscience and for those suffering the devastating effects of chemical over load or sensitivity.

Organic BanAfruiToniKals Deeply Intense Hair Masque - Banana Juice, Oat Protein, Castor oil, B 5

A deep conditioner to rehydrate hair. Apply to hair after washing for up to 20 minutes or more. Rinse. Leaves your hair soft and smooth preventing breakage and damage,  helps to repair split ends and controls frizz.

Damaged, split ends


Thirsty, dehydrated hair

Lack of softness, shine.

From $8.50

Organic TONIKOILS + Hemp + Moringa + LUX Oils Hair Preservation|Grow|Frizz|Condition|Anti-Aging|Beards - Unisex

Lads! I cannot limit you, I can only suggest that you use this fine extravaganza of Organic Moringa Oil, MCT, Castor, Marula Oil, Frankincense, Hemp Oil, Warming Ginger and Coriander to enhance every hair that needs growth, shine, health and vitality. Hair, beard & mustache for Men. Ladies try it, your hair will love you for it! It's gorgeous!

This oil has power!

From $17.50

Organic Restoring Meadowfoam Seed & B5 Extract Hair Repair Masque.

Beautiful light but incredibly restorative, sweet scented hair masque that works by repairing damaged hair, helping to gain strength and body. Leave on over night for a more effective benefit, leaves hair silky and soft. Contains meadowfoam oil and B 5 for beautiful hair growth. Meadowfoam Seed Extract rescues damaged hair, preventing breakage, controlling frizz and sealing in moisture. Castor oil and coconut promote hair growth and luster.

Scent is heavenly - Ylang Ylang II, Lavender, Lemon, Mandarin, Palmarosa, and Rosewood.    

From $8.00

Organic Soft Style Hair Jelly Rosehip, B5 & Evening primrose Oil Natural Hold

It is finally here, the light and lifting hair gel that is made naturally.  An organic blend of hair protective botanicals to bring life to limp hair.

From $8.00

Organic Meadowfoam seed oil & pro-vitamin B5 Leave-In Detangler & Conditioning Spray
A light and moisturizing spray conditioner to leave hair detangled and smooth.


The AO Shampoo, conditioner, body washes.

From $2.50

New! No Vice-Vegan Damage Free, Colour Secure + Anti Thinning Shampoo
This deliberately gentle shampoo is Cocamidopropyl betaine, sulfate and paraben-free.The lovely lather is beneficial to scalp and hair leaving it fresh and clean, preventing hair from loss, or breakage. The product's natural components offer resistance to hairs healthier growth, unlike shampoos that strip the hair of essential growth factors this conscientious source replenishes by adding crucial Pro-Vitamin B5,  Vegetable Glycerin  and Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein to add luster and renewal.

From $10.00

Organic 3 WISE Frankincense, Ginger & Coriander Hair & Body Wash - masculine rejuvenating for hair and skin.
The new Man stuff  -  3 WISE Frankincense, Ginger & Coriander combine to create a masculine rejuvenating and uplifting body and cleansing hair/beard wash that’s clean, fresh, and sure to make you feel revived for the day in hand. The essential oils will help to restore strength and health to your hair and your skin.The benefits are endless from controlling acne to anti-aging anti-aging and hair growth and luster. Even Men can glow, in a Manly way of course.

From $9.50

Organic Herbal Clear Shampoo & Body Wash - Vegan, sulfate & paraben-free

This has become a very popular shampoo here at Amber's Organics but now it has advanced by also becoming a body wash, it seemed wrong to waste a drop of it. This improved version will be even more loved of that I have no doubt and a little goes a very long way so this is ultimately costs effective. The blend will hydrate the skin and is not drying, so your hair looks good and your skin looks great too, the perfect combination.

This gorgeous product has great reviews and continues to impress us all, it's also Sulfates free, that makes a world of difference to you and to our environment. It will leave your hair light and bouncy. So do not settle for less if you love your hair try this and tell me what you think.


Organic Healthy Scalp Intense Moisturizing Conditioner Repair + Healthier Hair

A healthy scalp indicates healthier hair. My exclusive essential oil blend in my herbal hydrating AO moisturizing conditioning formula is used specifically to restore the health of your scalp, lessening irritation and inflammation which can ultimately lead to hair loss.The fragrant formula can help in the eradication of dandruff, itchiness, dryness, irritation, flaky spots. The restorative scents of Sweet Basil, Cypress, Cedarwood, Lemon, Rosemary, Patchouli, Tea Tree, and Mandarin make this a head conditioning remedy to adore. See results in one treatment usually.  Give it 1- 4 weeks for full results.

From $11.50

Organic Moisturizing Conditioner pro-vitamin B5, Hydrolyzed Wheat protein & Rosehip Seed Oil

A delightful conditioner with the added benefits containing rose-hip oil and Vitamin B plus other hair resorative ingredients, It leaves the hair silky, shiny and bouncy, a hair-care winner with my customers.

Hair Shampoo & Conditioner Bar

How to use a shampoo bar.

Washing your hair with a organic hand created shampoo bar is very similar to using commercial detergent shampoo bars. The basics are to build up a rich lather as much as possible, massage gently through hair and scalp,  and then rinse. With any natural product, there are a few other tips you can follow to ensure the best use from you bar:

  1. Rinse well – AO recommends rinsing for at least a full minute in warm to ensure that you rinse out all of the shampoo bar residue, this lessens that waxy feel some people experience.
  2. Don’t aggravate those tangles – There’s no need to pile your hair on your head and tangle it all up. Instead, massage through your hair starting at the scalp. Use your fingertips to cleanse your scalp, then work your way down to the tips. This is not shampoo you may need to find a way to be gentle with your hair to avoid that tangle effect.
  3. Please, don’t over wash – Hair doesn’t need to be washed every day, really! (unless your daily activities get your hair dirty every day) It is better to allow you hair to rest if possible, use a little of my AO dry shampoo in times of panic like my " Not desperate dry shampoo" if you must feel less oily.
  4. Follow with the complete AO Hair Regimen to lushly soft and natural locks – Cleanse with a suitable AO shampoo bar, clarify with an apple cider vinegar rinse ( see my herbal rinses) and condition with the AO natural conditioner bar (yes, those will be in stock shortly!)


Now, keep your hair on and get washing, you look gorgeous!


Organic Wild Buttererd Rosemary Hair Shampoo Grow + Nourish Soapster Bar - Top Selling Product!

.Refreshing rosemary is the key ingredient in this reviving handcrafted soap. Rosemary oxygenates the skin by boosting the circulation; it also has mildly analgesic properties, it can soothe an itchy scalp. help promote hair growth and reduce dryness. It rejuvenates the hair leaving it full and healthier…beautiful

From $1.20

Organic Frankincense, Sweet Mints & Rosemary Shampoo Restorative Bar

My new easy to use new shampoo bar is a step in the right direction for those needing healthier hair but without the hassle of using multiple time consuming and messy treatments.  The trio blend of EO popular oils and the lush nutritive butters and humectant oils will naturally retain and preserving moisture in hair,  bringing damaged, thinning, dull, declining hair, back to a fuller glory.

From $1.50

Organic "Eclypsus" Shampoo Butter Rich Bar Growth/Condition/Treatment & EO Hair Blend - Hairs to Hair!

A refreshing blend of hair growth stimulating eucalyptus and scalp soothing rosemary with the hints of hair restorative, frankincense and circulatory stimulant peppermint. This soap is a fresh scent that leaves you and your hair clean and awake. Used over time your hair with start to gain health and strength.

From $1.30

Organic "Nut your average" Almond Aloe & Castor Oil Hair Shampoo Butter Bar - Body & Hair wash (Beards too!)

My new almond delight butter bar is blended with bentonite clay, the hair restorative castor bean oil (which naturally helps to thicken and grow hair adding lustre and shine) united with organic aloe for complete hair and scalp health.

From $1.10

Organic Hair, Beard + Body Wash Shampoo Bar. Improve growth + Condition

Two Exclusive Organic Beard, Hair + Body Wash Shampoo Bars. Suitable for Men, Women, these Unisex bars, they are safe for children and pets.

From $1.30

New Improved! Organic B Vitamin Beer Protein Prep + Hemp + Honey Shampoo Bar

Beer shampoo bar conditioners to help repair damaged hair and reinvigorate the volume of hair.

From $6.50

Organic Argan Oil & Golden Chrysantheum Fetal Flowers

The AO British Blonde Collection Arrives!

Today from my new hair conditioner and shampoo line "British Blonde" These golden bars treat every hair type from dark to grey, blonde and red, thick, full, straight or curly, they have been created with more bubbles and extra conditioning enhancers including pure Golden Chrysanthemum Fetal Flowers and organic Argan oil. This is the very first bar to the exclusive and long awaited collection.


Dry Hair treatments

Orig.: From $4.50
Sale: From $4.00

"Not Desperate!" Double up Volume Dry Shampoo & Cool Down Body Powder

Don't be desperate!  This unscented spray alternative leaves your hair looking clean, fresh and full. It can be doubled up as a light body powder.  You are not desperate!

From $8.00

Natural Healthy Herbal Dry Shampoo - Fast to Fresh & Full!

An ideal on the go dry shampoo that gives you an extra day before washing, a useful product for those who are sick or too busy to wash their hair, a great stand in for children or the elderly. I use it all the time, as it also conditions the hair and makes it appear thicker and fuller.

Improved formula, now silkier for easier application with extra nourishing extracts!

Hair oils, balms, serums, hair restoratives.

From $4.00

Natural Beauty "Body Waves" Atlantic Sea Salt Spray - Bold, beautiful, beachy waves. All natural spray, organic content, Vegan too!

A texturizing, volume, wave creating hair spray formulated with Atlantic Sea salt to give hair extra body and a natural, day-at-the-beach look.

From $6.00

New! Organic Jasmine Lux Hair Serum Oil Glam Locks - De-Frizz|growth|Split Ends

Luxurious de frizzing light, lovely hair serum oil containing some amazing nutrients for growth, health, strengthening, reducing breakage, skin, condition, styling, shining, and bring your hair to a new level of glam-ness.

From $10.00

New! Organic Hot Locks Lux Hair Serum Hair Tonikoils Banana, Rosemary, Oat Protein, B5

The most wonderful serum for your hair (or for those you LOVE!) an exclusive, just been created (yes!) hair serum that works to make your hair even more beautiful, thick and healthy. The serum is in a glass bottle, so no worries (no plastic ) Organic Hot Locks Lux Hair Serum Hair Tonikoils Banana, Rosemary, Oat Protein, B5, it is amazing, lets get your hair back to beautiful. The serum has a lovely light fruit, banana scent that is all natural.

From $10.00

Naturally Naughty Tangerine Tousled Hair Butter Shine Serum - Vegan

Tangerine Tousled Hair Butter Serum  boasts a rich citrus aroma that is just beautiful in this soothing, smoothing, and softening product with hypnotic freshness.The light blend is perfect to tousle up your locks and bring back some natural wave or curl definition.  It tames frizzy hair, hydrates dry hair and shines your hair like a movie star!

From $7.00

Organic Absolute Age Essential Beauty & Hair Oil + Argan Anti-aging and Rejuvernator Oil

Top to bottom rejuvenation, anyone? Amber's Organic absolute oil essential blend is one of the most exciting and rejuvenating blends ever! If you are searching for that special overall uplifting, synergistic experience, then this blend is it! Bringing balance and brilliance to hair, skin, hands, feet and everything in between, this warm, woodsy citrus scent rejuvenator also calms the spirit and quiets the mind. With light, anti-oxidant rich grape seed oil, amazing “liquid gold” argan oil and more. This blend will really help you reach that peak of perfection!

From $8.50

Organic "IShine" Luxurious Hair Oil - Moringa & Prickly Pear Light and Nutrient Rich Brings Hair to Life!

A luxurious and natural hair detangler, overnight treatment for unruly hair or dry scalp, or use on dry un-showered hair to liven it up & de-frizz. Packed with virgin moringa oil, prickly pear oil, bergamot,  geranium, and rosemary oils for deep, natural nourishment.

From $10.00

Organic Virgin Coconut & Castor Bean Oil - Shine/Hair Growth/Conditioner Leave In Serum

Make your hair grow, add  fullness, with more luster, add volume, restore damage, nourish and protect, deeply condition, sooth and heal scalp issues. You can leave this sweetly fragrance formula in and allow it to do wonders for your hair.  It can also help to control frizz and to style hair.

"One application and I am hooked. I used this spread thinly into my battered hair ends and roots overnight. I am always dubious as I have tried everything for my thinning hair. I have hair extensions now to help with my own lack of crowing glory and those also get dry and brittle and break off. This worked, I am amazed, I used nothing the next day to style the hair just dried it naturally and then gently blow dried it in place, what a difference in just one night.  My hair is so full and soft, it looks much healthier already. You might not believe it until you try it. I am going to keep using it for this month to see how much growth develops I am so optimistic, I really do have a good feeling about this deliciously scented product. Thanks Amber, you never fail to impress".  Marilyn FL

From $8.50

Organic Fenugreek Seed Trigonella Foenum-Graecum Infused oil for Hair loss

Fenugreek is a natural herb with extremely potent seeds, which have a medicinal effect to reduce balding, hair fall, and hair thinning. For hair fall and dandruff, the crushed or boiled seeds alone have been found to restore the hair shaft. The seeds contain hormone precursors that replenish hair growth. Additionally, fenugreek seeds are a good source of nicotinic acid and protein. Protein is highly important in rebuilding and strengthening the hair shaft. In fact, protein balanced diets are emphasized to reduce hair loss and stimulating hair growth. The amount of protein in fenugreek alone may explain its restorative ability on damaged or falling hair.

From $7.00

Organic Ayuveda Amla + Brahmi Medicinal Hair oil Promote Strong Hair - Reduce Balding

Amla oil is very popular in India because it has been shown to reduce the chances of hair loss and baldness. This quality is due to the carotene content of Amla, as well as its iron content and general antioxidant capacity, which reduces hair loss by not allowing free radicals to damage hair follicles or impact the hormones that can cause premature hair loss. My handcrafted Ayurvedic Medicinal oil goes above and beyond the normal realms of hair restoration, I include other botanical  powers to enforce the effect.

From $8.00

Organic Rosemary, Lavender + White Thyme Rescue Treatment Hair and Scalp Oil

If you have dry hair, dry scalp, itchy scalp, dandruff or psoriasis, you may find that my Amber's Organics Rosemary, Lavender & White Thyme scalp oil is a very beneficial weekly treatment to soothe and restore the natural balance of your beautiful hair and tender scalp. After a few treatments with the blend of wholesome oil, you'll notice that your hair is getting glossier, healthier and full of life and bounce. Use on a regular basis for best results.  

From $5.00

Organic "Ripping Roots" Herb Intense Overnight Virgin Coconut Balm - Growth, Shine & Hair Health

Organic "Ripping Roots" Herb Intense Overnight Virgin Coconut Balm. This intense blend of herbs and oils is specifically crafted for severe hair issues, extreme damage, hair loss and scalp irritations. The light balm with Ayurvedic scent is based on some of the most powerful hair repairing botanicals available. It is specified to be used over night to allow the full appreciate of product allowing it to fulfill its restorative purpose. It is intensified by the naturally occurring potent phytochemicals, phytosterols and medicinal extracts.

From $7.50

Organic Rosmarinus Officinalis, Fenugreek & Virgin Coconut - Repair Hair Balm
Rosemary balm benefits. Prevents hair loss. Eradicates Dandruff. Stimulates hair growthTreats scalp Irritation. Adds Shine, Gloss, Freshens. Rosemary oil's properties as stimulanting, a tonic, restorative, antiseptic, carminative, digestive, analgesic,antioxidant, antimicrobial and astringent.

From $5.50

Organic Nettles & Neem Hair Repair & Growth - Hot Oil Remedy

Nettle has been used since ancient times as a hair tonic, growth stimulant, and to restore natural hair colour and luster. The Latin name for nettle, Urticca Diocia, is a verb that means "to burn". It is this tingling sensation of the nettle irritating the skin that increases blood flow and nourishment to the affected area. Nettles are historically used to prevent hair loss, balding, thinning and under nourished hair. The formula is high in natural minerals, restoring health to the hair. Healthy hair most importantly requires a healthy scalp, and many of the conditions that affect the skin also affect the scalp. Conditions of the scalp that can cause hair loss include a dry, flaky, irritated, inflamed and scaly scalp, dandruff, psoriasis and eczema. Excess sebum (oil) production can also cause thinning hair and hair loss by clogging the pores of the scalp. These conditions can cause inflammation on the scalp, damaging the hair roots. Neem helps to treat these conditions and cleanse the scalp for healthy hair growth. It also stimulates blood flow to the skin and nourishes the scalp and hair roots.

From $6.00

Organic Wildcrafted Rosemary & Advocado Oil. /Thin/Itchy/Scalp/Dandruff.

A highly recommended handcrafted solar filled oil for those suffering from itchy, dry irritated scalp and for those who are prone to dandruff. A beautifully 100% pure product that comes straight from nature and exclusive only to Amber's Organics.

New size options!

From $6.00

Organic Plant Smarticals + ACV Hair Rinses.

Vinegar infused herbs removes scaly build-up and residue from hair shafts and closes the cuticles.   Since residue coats the hair causing it to look dull, removing residue gives your hair more shine.  By closing the cuticles, the hair slides more easily and there will be fewer tangles. Vinegar has a tonic action that promotes blood circulation in the small capillaries that irrigate the skin.

From $3.00

Organic H.I.C Plant Smarticals Hair Rinses For Vibrant Locks.

The new hair rinses are made with tender care in order to enhance your own hairs strength and natural beauty, leaving sheen, shine, health and vibrant energy to frail damaged hair. Good for hair loss, dry scalps, skin conditions, unhealthy over processed hair. My herbal rinses are for making blond's brighter and stronger or dark hair, richer and shiner, healthier- each has a unique restorational benefit. I hand-make with extreme care and extensive study each one to ensure the  " botanical essence" of plant is still in tact when you use them. 

Just add Cider Vinegar.

From $3.99

Tips to fight hair loss:

  1. Consider labs to check iron, thyroid, cortisol (often done by saliva tests) and vitamin D levels. Treat any of these values if they are abnormal.
  2. Begin taking a high potency multivitamin/multi-mineral.
  3. Be sure to get 1,000-2,000 mg of vitamin C and 5,000 mcg biotin per day.
  4. Take a B complex 1-2 times a day. Higher doses tend to be better for those with more stress.
  5. Cut out the refined sugar, sweets and processed foods.
  6. Eat more fruits, vegetables and a variety of good quality proteins.
  7. Get a good night’s sleep.
  8. Consider more exercise, yoga, hobbies or counseling to help the body better cope with stress.


My Hair Model - Jesse the Native American Doctor from MI who has been using a collection of Rosemary hair shampoo bars, frank, mint and rosemary shampoo bars, rosemary oil, and other hair treatments.This wonderful Gent swears his hair has grown and become much healthier from the usage. Jesse will be adding his own words very soon. Thank you Jesse you are a true joy!