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Organc AO Exclusive Shampoo, Conditioners & Natural Hair Treatments.
For healthier hair, AO uses less chemicals, more of what's natural, extensive research and lots of those little details.

How long before I can see results?   Please, be realistic, give your hair time to heal, just as your body needs to heal, so does your hair need healing time to regenerate itself.  Most individuals will see an immediate benefit, such as shiny, fuller, healthier looking, bouncy hair after 1 - 3 applications, it all varies dependent on the cause of your hair issue.  Give your treatment a good month to see any noticeable change, adhere to your treatment protocol, do not give up, it will happen. Eat good food, sleep a good sleep, keep your body exposed to natural living, sun, barefoot walking, breathing, and rest when needed.  Avoid chemical treatments while using these natural hair products if possible, but if you succumb to the hairdressers requests just make sure you keep this in mind that it might decrease the  period of renewal for your hair. Please text me if you have concerns or questions, I am here to help you and your hair become as beautiful, strong and healthy as possible.

A great deal of knowledge, experimentation and care goes into creating these shampoo's and hair products. Most chemical containing brands can do more long term harm than good, plus they have devastating effects on the environmental creating even more pollutants.  These hair products are made without SSL's  and with the least chemical compounds available plus my own Amber's Organics brand of pure balm and hair oils have absolutely nothing but nature added for total purity. The line of hair care still has the benefits of leaving your hair softer and shinier than ever before, they build the roots and clean the scalp in the purest of ways. They foam well and clean the hair thoroughly without stripping away natural oils, a sensible choice for the environmentally conscience and for those suffering the devastating effects of chemical over load or sensitivity.

Shampoo bars a sticky business? Can't get your shampoo bars to lather, tired of the hassle and sticky residue? Try the brilliant bubble bag!. It works like magic (and, I don't believe in magic!) It helps build up lather in handmade, or low lather soap bars especially if you want to lessen that sticky "residue" effect. The lather gets so light and fluffy, it rinses out so cleanly, leaving your hair much softer and lighter, it's much easier than the usual tugging and scrubbing one may experience in the shampooing process. I have limited bubble bags so grab yours now! These are a steal and really do work!

Organic Argan Oil & Golden Chrysantheum Fetal Flowers
Orig.: From $4.50
Sale: From $4.00

Tips to fight hair loss:

  1. Consider labs to check iron, thyroid, cortisol (often done by saliva tests) and vitamin D levels. Treat any of these values if they are abnormal.
  2. Begin taking a high potency multivitamin/multi-mineral.
  3. Be sure to get 1,000-2,000 mg of vitamin C and 5,000 mcg biotin per day.
  4. Take a B complex 1-2 times a day. Higher doses tend to be better for those with more stress.
  5. Cut out the refined sugar, sweets and processed foods.
  6. Eat more fruits, vegetables and a variety of good quality proteins.
  7. Get a good night’s sleep.
  8. Consider more exercise, yoga, hobbies or counseling to help the body better cope with stress.


My Hair Model - Jesse the Native American Doctor from MI who has been using a collection of Rosemary hair shampoo bars, frank, mint and rosemary shampoo bars, rosemary oil, and other hair treatments.This wonderful Gent swears his hair has grown and become much healthier from the usage. Jesse will be adding his own words very soon. Thank you Jesse you are a true joy!