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Calendula, Mixed

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Calendula, Mixed Seeds
Organic (Calendula officinalis)


A special Heirloom strain, delightful combination of single and double, yellow and orange flowers. Extremely popular medical addition to Herbal & Homeopathic preparations.

The leaves and petals of this plant are edible. The leaves are typically bitter, and often are added to leafy salads. The fresh petals are used as a garnish; chopped for an addition to salads or soups; or can be used as a saffron substitute for coloring and flavoring rice, soups, and other dishes. Traditionally the flowers were used to impart a yellow color to cheese. The dried petals have more concentrated flavor for use as a seasoning in soups or for herbal tea.

In ancient Greek, Roman, Arabic and Indian cultures calendula was used as a medicinal herb as well as a dye for fabrics, foods and cosmetics. An essential oil obtained from the plant that is occasionally used in sharp perfumes, and the flowers are widely used in cosmetics. A yellow dye is obtained from the boiled flowers which can be used as a hair rinse to impart golden tints to brown hair. Only the common deep-orange flowered variety is considered to be of medicinal value. The crushed stems, leaves, blossoms and buds are used in various preparations. As an herbal medicine it is used externally for skin problems, with topical preparations to promote the healing of minor burns, scrapes, bites and stings, sprains, varicose veins and other problems. It is also taken internally for treating fevers and chronic infections.

50 seeds/pkt