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Marshmallow (Althaea officinalis)

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Marshmallow Seeds
Organic : Althaea officinalis


A premier healing agent, marshmallow root is nutritious, soothing to the digestion, stimulating to the immune system and helps prevent and repair ulcerations of the gastric mucosa and duodenum. Sow the seed in the spring. It is easy to grow in regular garden soil in the full sun or part shade. The plant prefers regular watering and makes a lot of biomass, both above the ground and below. Every part of the plant, including leaf, flower (and less useful, the stem) and especially the fresh or dried root, is useful in herbal medicine and is truly indispensable. Organically grown

30 seeds/pkt

   What are the benefits of Marshmallow Leaf as medicine ?

              Benefits of marshmallow leaf based on it's traditional usage are listed below:

  • Coating properties of Marshmallow leaves for reducing irritation are used by herbalists as poultice to treat inflamed areas.
  • Herbalists use Marshmallow leaf for perianal inflammation caused by severe diarrhea(when taken orally).
  • Use of Althaea officinalis or marshmallow leaf for pain relief and to enhance healing process is recommended by herbalists.
  • Marshmallow (Althaea) leaves for cough and sore throat is a useful remedy. Calming effect of Marshmallow leaf on body can be experienced by smoking and drinking.
  • Marshmallow leaves as supplement for respiratory ailments are recommended  because it may help the body expel excess fluid and mucus.(helps in expelling Phlegm from Respiratory Tract).
  • Althaea (Marshmallow) leaf for bladder infection is used in traditional medicine .
  • Marshmallow leaf (Althea Officinalis) for medicine and leaf salad which has been used to help to relieve digestive disorders in european and asian counteries, is favored by herbalists.
  • Use of Marshmallow Leaf in kidney problems and fluid retention is practiced traditionally.