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Motherwort, Official

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“There is no better herb to take melancholy vapours from the heart, to strengthen it, and make a merry, chearful blithe soul than this herb. ”
Nicholas Culpeper



Motherwort Seeds, Official 
Organic : Leonurus cardiaca


Vibrant lavender fragrant blooms on spikes appear in summer over dark green foliage.  The plant is not especially particular about soil preference but does best in a moist well-drained soil and makes a good bedding or border plant for your medical herb garden. The leaves are used to treat an array of complaints including nervous irritability and  heart palpitations.  It is considered a relaxing sedative. 

  • Full sun or partial shade

  • Hardy to -30F (-34.4C)

  • height: 20in.

    50 seeds/pkt


 Leonurus cardiaca - The Lion Hearted.

Below are some of the observed Motherwort Tea Benefits:

Motherwort tea inhibits blood platelet aggregation and lowers blood lipid levels;

Motherwort tea lowers high blood pressure and calms arrhythmias;

Motherwort tea calms palpitations and normalizes heart function in general;

Motherwort tea aids in treating thyroid hyperfunction;

Motherwort tea helps relieve pain during childbirth;

Motherwort tea stimulates the uterus to contract after delivery, thus helping to prevent infection.

Motherwort tea helps calm the central nervous system.

Preparation Methods & Dosage : Motherwort is available in capsule and extract form, but is most useful taken as a tea which I do sell on my herb tea page. . The somewhat bitter taste can be mellowed by adding spices or sweeter tasting herbs. Frequently combined with hawthorn for heart tonics.