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Mullein, Common

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Mullein, Common Seeds
(Verbascum thapsus)
[Not For Sale to South Dakota or Washington]


Bright yellow flower spikes rise from wooly leaves. Mullien tea is used to treat coughs, colds and sore throat.

Mullien is the base ingredient in many native North American Smoking blends. It is commonly mixed with other herbs to add flavor such as mints, sage and tobacco.


Mullein has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties with an affinity to the lungs and urinary tract. Used in a wide variety of lung conditions: both soothes, and stimulates expectoration. Dry, harsh cough; full mucousy cough, and cough with tough mucous all benefit. Asthma; bronchitic and spasmodic. Hay fever, allergies. Diarrhea with pain. Bladder irritation, painful urination, bedwetting. Bleeding from lungs, intestines.


  • Perennial

  • Medicinal


    100 seeds/pkt