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Nettles, Stinging -Biodynamic uses.

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Nettles, Stinging Seeds
Organic : (Urtica dioica)

Family: Urticaceae Herbaceous perennial. Native to temperate climates world-wide. Official variety. In the early spring find Chickweed overrunning the rich garden beds, Dandelion in the upland pastures, Dock in the lower pastures, Watercress where the stream runs cold into a pool and Nettles along the edge of the stream. Used together as spring vegetables, salad or tea, the fresher the better, they cleanse and build the blood. Nettles is especially rich in trace minerals, potassium and the blood-like molecule known as chlorophyll. Wait until the little Nettles are four inches high or so, and snip them off. They must be lightly steamed to disarm their stinging hairs. Eat the Nettles, and drink the water in which they were steamed.


Stinging Nettle~Biodynamic uses.

If you knew how important the nettles are, you would love to have them everywhere. It's nowadays well known that stinging nettles are healthy and they were traditionally used to treat Anemia and Rheumatism for example.

We use the herb Nettle in the Biodynamics either as a compost preparation or as a special tea which may be sprayed onto your fruit trees to counter fungal attacks.

The stinging nettle also generally promotes the process of assimilation in the tree and assists healing.

Cultivation: Extra care. Sow in fall or very early spring for germ. in spring. To naturalize, transplant seedlings 6 inches apart to an area of dappled shade near running water. Grows to 4 feet. Organically Grown

50 seeds/pkt