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Calendula, Erfurter Orange.

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Calendula officinalis 'Erfurter Orangefarbige'

(Pot marigold) Commercial strain used for medicinal flower production in Europe. Said to possess superior medicinal action.

This is a Calendula officinalis, Erfurter Orangefarbigen variety. Commonly known as Marigold but I like to refer to it by the latin name, Calendula, so not to be confused with the French Marigold of the Target family. Very different.

The flowers usually range from pale yellow to brilliant orange. This particular variety is usually grown commercially because of it's high medicial value.

The young leaves can be eaten in salads, the petals are plucked and dried and used in all sorts of skin washes. Infused in oil, it will make a great face lotion. Very soothing for chapped skin. Another great reason to keep it in the garden is the flower can be rubbed on bee and wasp stings to relieve the pain and swelling. And lastly, the flowers can be boiled to extract a yellow dye. 


  50 seeds