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Poppy, Turkish Red (Papaver glacum)

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Growing to a height of 90 centimetres (35 in), this poppy withstands all climates, including the droughts of non-Arab Middle East. The flowers are of rich red colours, with black spots in the centre. The thin petals may be crispy. The flowers bloom to a diameter of 10 cm (3.9 in). The inner petals stick up, which resembles a tulip. Looks similar to the corn rose poppy Papaver rhoeas and the Greek red poppy Papaver dubium. The distinct characteristics is the black centre which emphasises the tulip-shaped petals surrounding it.

The Turkish poppy is known for three things, the beauty of the flowers, the opium properties and the dried pod that fits into dried floral arrangements beautifully. The pods filled with seeds are a pumpkin shape, the flower while growing can reach as tall as three feet and this means the pods are large and are long enough stemmed for any floral arrangement. They have a natural antiqued color with toughed tops that lend to the uniqueness they produce when used in home décor and match any color scheme, when used alone or mixed with other dried flowers.

With amazing large blooms, deep red with large black spots at the petal bases, this is one of the rarer poppies and an amazing addition to any collection. This poppy is known botanically as Papaver somniferum. Somniferum is the variety of poppy whose seeds are most often used in culinary activities and baking. The seed oil is also used for a variety of purposes such as making paints, varnishes and salad dressings..

The Turkish poppy might not be seen growing in the garden with its beauty, but the seed filled dried pods create their own beauty in dried floral arrangements are available. The Turkish poppy will make any arrangement unique with their pumpkin shaped seed filled pod.
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