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Organic Black Liquorice with Black Walnut & Anise oil Extracts Gentle Skin Lightener (dandruff too)

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Amber's Organics handmade soaps are based upon high quality herb infusions, essential oils and exclusive oil blends. The soaps are nourishing, softening and non drying when used as body soaps. Most lighter scented soaps are extremely clearing, cleansing, pore unclogging, and deeply restorative to the complexion and are mildly exfoliating, gently scrubbing away dead skin and revealing over time a beautiful new appearance. Some of the most sensitive as well as the most damaged faces has been amazed by the magnificence of the soaps ability to work at a personal level of skin healing. These high quality soaps make the perfect hydrating body wash, they are long lasting when stored correctly and naturally kind to skin and less destructive to the environment. The lavish soaps suit all skin types including those with dry, sore and sensitive skins, oily and blemished, acne aggravated skins or those suffering serious complaints such as acne, psoriasis, dermatitis and eczema. We handcraft these cold processed soaps from scratch using raw natural quality materials and adhering to old fashioned techniques because this works best for your skin.

Added liquorice powder, black walnut hull powder and anise star essential oil to make a wonderful liquorice bar of soap. Gently and naturally lightens the complexion over time, deep cleansing, digs deep to remove dirt and blackheads, helps to close open pores. Can help in the eradication of acne and pimples with regular use.

Black walnut is a natural anti fungal for the skin helping to reduce fungal driven infection, it is a natural astringent and helps keep open pores, closed, it can help reduce sweating.

Tip! Don't be afraid to use this in your hair too. The natural anise is known to enhance hair growth! Best for natural, dark, untreated oily hair.

Ingredients: organic blends of saponified castor sustainable , palm kernel and palm oils with Shea butter, black walnut hull powder, liquorice root powder and anise star essential oil.

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"Love this stuff, I buy it all the time. I use it for my hair, face and my feet as well as my kid's fungal infected skin issues.  Cannot get enough of the smell, the Wife said she can smell me a mile away!" Tony. SA

"I would like to purchase a whole loaf of this great soap. This soap has helped my skin tremendously! Please send me an invoice foe a whole loaf. Your soap has cleared up my small acne irritations as well as made my skin smooth and soft. Please let me know your suggestions. Thank You Very Very Much!!!!" - 16265bdavis


" I have tried other soaps but always come back to the AO brand. Amber's soaps are just so affordable and you can tell she cares about what she puts into her products. This soap is so fresh, my skin feels squeaky clean,  I get so many compliments on my healthier complexion since I started to use Amber's soap, she is a true Artisan doing a great job!"   Trisha. NM