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Organic Crème Herbaseptic Evergreen Lavender + Parsley Cleanser Powder

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The perfect blend of light lavender and the forest evergreens make this duo coloured soap a must for your skin issues. Let me start with a few facts as to what the oils can do for your lovely skin.

What can lavender do?

Natural antiseptic - Herbaseptic.

widely used for its calming and relaxing qualities
Soothes occasional skin irritations
Helps skin recover quickly
Eases muscle tension

Today, we can say that the principal known benefits of using lavender oil on the skin are that of numbing pain and healing wounds (cuts, sores, abrasions, ulcers), and other probable benefits include preventing bacterial colonization, treating fungal infections, combating blemishes, preventing skin cancer, and countering the damaging effects of UV radiation (photo-ageing). Impressed yet?

Now for the Evergreens.

Natural Antiseptic - Herbaseptic.

Almost all evergreen essential oils will help provide some of the best anti-germ properties since they are anti-septic and bactericidal. But these oils are also known to help with upper respiratory ailments, aches and pains! They also possess the wonderful property of being an analgesic. They offer heating and penetrating warmth to ease the pain and soreness often present in overworked or tired muscles.

This can be beneficial to all systems in the body, and it prevents acne and other skin conditions that are due to toxic build-up. The study noted that evergreen oils can be used as a cosmetic ingredient in soap-making because of its ability to kill bacteria on the skin. It is also used to treat sores, pimples, pustules and skin eruptions.

Evergreen oils can also help reduce the appearance of cellulite, which is the appearance of orange peel or cottage cheese skin on the legs, butt, and stomach and back of the arms. This is often due to fluid retention, lack of circulation, weak collagen structure and increased body fat. Because the oil is a diuretic, it helps the body remove excess water and salt that can lead to fluid retention. It also stimulates circulation by increasing blood flow.

Use Evergreen soap topically to treat varicose veins, cellulite and any other condition that is caused by poor circulation, such as piles.

Evergreens are exceptional analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties These are wonderful essential oils for those suffering from arthritis, rheumatism and other joint and muscle discomforts.

Often times inhaling these will help you feel revitalized and energized yet it can calm and relax you too.

It smells so fresh and reminds you of the outdoors. When I think of the outdoors, I feel energized, walking through the woods, you relax and find peace.

Spiritually these oils are helpful for you to connect. Connect to your higher power, yourself and to others. They are very grounding and help you to relax as you inhale the fresh, sweet aromas.

By the way. Creme? The bar lathers to a very creamy and gorgeous creme, I hope you love that.

  • Handmade item
  • Materials: Coconut Oil, Sodium Hydroxide, Organic Palm Oil, Shea Butter, Essential Oil, Lavender Essential Oil, Parsley Powder, Olive Oil, Lavender Augustofoia ,Ultramarine Pigment, Organic Blends, evergreen organic