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Bubble Maker BOOST your lather!

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Exclusive Bubble Maker - rev up your lather!  Mesh Net Bag

  • Keeps your soap fresh, longer, hang it up after use to dry with soap to preserve.
  • With the bubble maker bag, you can make lots of bubbles, extra lather, extra exfoliation ( great for low lathering soaps)  giving you the better showering experience. Lots of fun and a better clean!

Shampoo bar benefits. Bubble bags work wonderfully with your shampoo bars to get your hair really clean and help to get that lather really maximized, they also will benefit the rinse and prevent less sticky residue.

Shampoo bars a sticky business? Can't get your shampoo bars to lather, tired of the hassle and sticky residue? Try the brilliant bubble bag!. It works like magic (and, I don't believe in magic!) It helps build up lather in handmade, or low lather soap bars especially if you want to lessen that sticky "residue" effect. The lather gets so light and fluffy, it rinses out so cleanly, leaving your hair much softer and lighter, it's much easier than the usual tugging and scrubbing one may experience in the shampooing process. I have limited bubble bags so grab yours now! These are a steal and really do work!

Specification:10 x 14cm,   3.9 x 5.5inch    Weight:46g  Material  PE