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Organic Medicinal Calendula + Purity Aloe Sensitive|Rash|Sores|Itch Skin

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An unscented soothing blend of Homeopathically revered medicinal calendula flowers and pure Aloe Vera extracts to sooth and calm the most sensitive skins (and heads and bums)  Rich in softening butters and anti-inflammatory properties.   This soap really calms the skin storm, kind and very gentle.

Aloe has been widely known for its ability as a soothing and healing agent for damaged skin. Calendula flowers are known for their ability to help in the healing process of bruises, scratches and even varicose veins. Our aloe and calendula is loaded with aloe concentrate for maximum aloe in every bar. Though this handmade soap contains calendula flowers, it has only a natural subtle herbacious aloe aroma.


The external uses of Calendula + Aloe soap are wide and varied:

  Scrapes, scratches, bruises and especially burns respond well to Calendula + Aloe washes, as do bug bites, diaper rash and allergic skin reactions.
  Many traditional physicians recommend calendula to help heal sunburn, minor topical burns and hemorrhoids.
  When applied to wounds, Calendula + Aloe  may prevent microbial growth and does not cause skin tissues to retract providing more oxygen to the skin cells to help speed up healing.
  Reducing the pain of ear infections may be possible using a formula that contains Calendula + Aloe .
  Scalp disorders including dandruff and cradle cap are reduced using the Calendula + Aloe bar as a shampoo which also helps to prevent flaking and itching.


Ingredients: It's organic blends of all saponified organic calendula infused vegetable oils (including, org palm, castor, sustainable palm kernel, virgin coconut, rice bran, avocado and shea butter), wild organic aloe concentrate, org calendula flowers, rorg osemary extract and/or natural vitamin E

Note: Variations in color from batch to batch and will range from yellow-tan to medium brown.