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Porter Tomato Seeds

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Porter Tomato Seeds

Porter Tomatoes

Porter is a tomato variety originally introduced by Porter & Sons Seed Company of Texas, that is especially suited for the conditions of the Texan climate. This lovely little tomato variety produce a great abundance of deep red colored, smooth, plum shaped tomatoes with a tender skin. Each fruit weighs from 2-4 ounces, is blemish free and possesses an exceptionally sweet flavor. Porter is especially ideal for use in canning, sauces and for making tomato juice. 



Resistant to drought, cracking and sunburn, which makes it an ideal tomato for the hottest of climates! Excels even in high humidity!



Porter is an excellent choice for growing in containers. 



Indeterminate with regular leaves. Matures in about 65-80 days from transplant

20 seeds

The picture is of my own new spring seedlings, coming along well in their re-cycled pot.