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Porter Improved Tomato Seeds

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Porter Improved Tomato Seeds
(aka. Porter Improved Pink Slicing Tomato, Porter Improved VF Tomato)



The Porter Improved Tomato, also known as the Porter Improved Pink Slicing Tomato, is a tomato variety originally developed by Porter & Son Seed Company of Texas as a pink variation of their famous red tomato variety Porter. Like its forerunner, Porter Improved or Porter Pink, is especially adapted for hot southern states such as Texas. Porter Improved is the best pink tomato variety for areas with extreme heat and low humidity.

Porter Improved produces heavy yields of oval shaped, 3-4 ounce pinkish-red tomatoes bursting with exceptional flavors that are wonderful for slicing, using in salads, canning or for making tomato juice.


An excellent choice for home gardeners and for market growers in hot regions.

Porter Improved is drought tolerant and is resistant to cracking and Verticullum and Fusarium Wilt.

Indeterminate. Matures in 75 to 80 days


20 seeds