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Tomato, Neptune. LIMITED SUPPLY!

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(vw1, fw1, fw2, bw, gls) 67 days. (Determinate) [Developed and released to SESE in 1999 by Dr. J.W. Scott at the Gulf Coast Research and Education Center at the University of Florida.] An early to mid-season fresh market tomato specifically bred for combined heat tolerance and resistance to bacteria wilt which is prevalent in the southeast and Florida. Recommended for gardeners and fresh market growers in hot humid, rainy growing regions where it is difficult to grow tomatoes. Fruits are borne in clusters of 2 to 4 on 2-1/2' to 3' vines. Suitable either for ground or cage culture. The vines provide good cover and produce a high percentage of marketable one-quarter pound fruits that hold well and ripen to a uniform red color.