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Organic Secret Skin Spa Salts. Against Itchy, Dry, Sore, Damaged, Allergic Skin

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Organic Secret Skin Salts - Against Itchy, Dry, Sore, Damaged, Allergic Skin. The blend protects your skin against damage and ailing conditions of the skin.

Amber's Organics bath salt blend contains the world's most revered bath salt from the Dead Sea. High quality salts from the sea can replenish minerals that are critical to our skin's health. Dead Sea Salt in the bath also has an energetic property in that it produces a calming effect on the mind and nervous system.

Dead Sea Salts gently detoxifies and cleanses irritated and sore skin. This aromatherapy based bath salt provides a blend of sea salt, organic kelp powder and certified organic essential oils that bring about soothing relief on all areas of the body soothed in a bath. Itchy, irritated skin associated with eczema will be especially calmed by using this infused bathing salt.

- Dead Sea Salts.

- Wildcrafted Elemi oil (Carnarium luzonicum)
- Organic Kelp Powder.
- Ground organic chamomile flowers. - Organic ground Red Roses.
- Organic Californan Lemon (Citrus limon)
- Unsprayed Geranium Oil (Pelargonium gravelolens)
- Sandalwood essential oil.- Infused Rose Oil

NOTE! Do not to be deterred by the light scent of sea kelp, the formula is enhanced to be pleasant but based on herbal remedies to help control eczema and similar conditions and so we add no perfumes of fragrances or frills just the natural healing essence of plants and oils for your benefit.