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Organic Lavender Vanilla, Milk & Oatmeal - Sensitive Skin Soak

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A skin soothing mix of organic lavender, rolled oats, organic milk powder, organic essential oils, calendula extract and baking powder blended in an old English way to make your bath time a totally tranquil experience. This product is especially good for dry and sensitive skins including hyper sensitive individuals, babies, children and geriatrics.

Oats are healing!

Historic use and modern research have shown Oat and Oat derived products to have exceptional dermatological benefits when used for various skin conditions. They relive skin irritations, itching and redness due to allergy. They have excellent emollient properties. They are suited to sensitive Individuals skin and are recommended for both Children, babies, and geriatric skin care.



Organic oats, lavender buds, calendula extract, essential oils, baking powder and organic milk.