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Organic Jasmine & Wild Hibiscus - Young & Beautiful Bathing Powder

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Hibiscus and jasmine are known to be the anti aging essential in the herbal world. Hibiscus has been hailed a the natural botox helping to soften out wrinkles and fine lines. This fragrant blend can also be gentle used to exfoliate the skin and the face.  Leaving you glowing and gorgeous!

A rich blend of dead Sea Salts, baking powder and therapeutic Epsom salts blended with baking powders,  gently ground to give you a silky and soft bath sensation, this delightful and wildly fragrant mix dissolves easily into your warm bath and absorbs more fully into your skin.

I use Vit E, organic oils and a generous amount of pure Jasmine essential oils, organic Hibiscus flowers which are well known for their therapeutic skin and beauty benefits- we combined all this into a naturally and lightly dyed mix ground from organic Hibiscus flowers.

Skin Benefits of Hibiscus Extract

There are a lot of skin benefits of hibiscus extract for skin. Hibiscus herbal extract is beneficial for softening the skin as it works as a natural emollient. Hibiscus herb is a great antioxidant. Hibiscus extract for skin firms and lifts the skin naturally. Hibiscus plant is also known as a "botox plant" because of its powerful natural Botox type effect. Hibiscus extract contains firming agent which has proven calming effect on skin and also this agent smooths out the wrinkles giving a person healthy and youthful glamorous skin


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