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Organic Arnica & Warming Rosemary - Pain & Muscle Spa. Best Seller!

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A new line of Amber's Organics we aim to aid by bringing you this mystical combination of herbs and oils for a spiritual and physical healing experience.

Organic real Arnica flowers and arnica solar oil, combined with warm rich rosemary solar oils and leaves, spicy stimulating ginger and circulatory supportive cinnamon oils and powders blended with eucalyptus give this warming mixture all the benefits for bringing  relief from aches and muscle pains.  Deep ocean dead sea and SOLAR sea salts bring a new meaning to bath time.  This bathing blend is an Ideal mixture for stimulating your circulation.

Filled with real Rejuvenating herbs and detoxifying minerals- helping in the removal of toxins lodged in body &  mind.

Warming and relaxing easing away the pains and general aches of the modern world.


Amber's organics SOLAR salts are dried out in the blazing rays of the sun for a few weeks to absorb the energizing  powers of sunlight creating a "live" vibrancy in my salts!

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