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Organic Ginger, Ginger-grass & Lemongrass Detoxification Spa Bathing Treatment

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I use only the best organic Ginger root and other ingredients, because quality matters.

Before you jump into your hot ginger bath, brush your skin with a vegetable brush (which can be purchased at any health food store). Brush all parts of the body toward the heart. Skin brushing can be very beneficial because the skin is a primary avenue for detoxification - along with the lungs, kidneys, liver, and colon.

Add one cup of the bath to running warm water in bath. Get in the bath and turn the water temperature to as hot as you can bear it for 30 minutes. Do not remain in the tub for more than 30 minutes. After about 15 to 20 minutes you will find yourself sweating. I recommend rubbing all areas of your body in clockwise circular motions for a count of 20 in each area while soaking. Rub each breast (great way to ward against cancer) your stomach area, etc. You'll find that you will get quite uncomfortably "hot and sweaty" so it helps to have some bottle water handy to help flush the toxins out


How A Ginger Bath Detoxes:

This method really helps literally sweat toxins out of your body. Perspiration will even pour out of your scalp. Because this ginger bath opens pores and eliminates toxins and also helps to eliminate pain, you may experience flu-like symptoms the next day because your body is ridding itself of poisons. It is common to possibly experience a headache and feel almost a slight “hang-over” sensation. If you are feeling really lousy, it is actually a great sign! However, if you really find it unbearable, you can get some relief from these symptoms by taking baths using Epsom salts (1 to 2 cups) and baking soda (1 cup) in a tub of water and soaking for 20 minutes. If you soak more than 20 minutes may cause you to get too exhausted. Repeat this until you start feeling better.


Added bonus oils of



Lemongrass has powerful pain relieving properties. It helps to alleviate muscle spasms by relaxing the muscles thereby leading to the reduction of pain-related symptoms. It is thus useful for all types of pain including abdominal pain, headaches, joint pains, muscle pains, digestive tract spasms, muscle cramps, stomachache and others. This remedy has also been linked to increasing the body’s ability to repair damaged connective tissue such as cartilage, ligaments and tendons and is thus recommended for these types of injuries. Another related benefit is for improvements in blood circulation.

As an antifungal and antibacterial, lemongrass inhibits bacteria and yeast growth. For this it is useful for gastrointestinal infections and may also be applied externally to wounds as it fights germs. As an antioxidant lemongrass, contributes to liver and pancreatic health by helping the body to more quickly remove toxins. It has also being linked to lowered or normalized cholesterol levels. It also treat digestive issues including gastro-enteritis and may be helpful in relieving constipation.

Some sources suggest that lemongrass has antidepressant properties and is thus beneficial for nervous and stress-related conditions. It is said to be helpful in alleviating anxiety and depressive symptoms. It helps to strengthen the nervous system.

The presence of Vitamin A in lemongrass makes it helpful for skin issues such as acne pimples. It helps to brighten the skin and eyes and clear up oily skin thus improving acne. Its antibacterial property is also valuable for skin infections. Lemongrass may improve poor body odor by controlling excessive sweating.

Gingergrass nurtures health:

Relieves nasal and chest congestion: Pacifies the hassled mind: Alleviates muscular and joint pain:

Gingergrass essential oil has a lemony aroma and the citrus touch in its therapeutic properties has excellent benefits for the skin. With its antiseptic, anti-fungal and bactericidal properties, Gingergrass oil is effective in treating pimples, black heads, boils, cuts, dermatitis, burns, ringworm, athlete’s foot, wounds and other skin infections.

 Gingergrass oil can help in improving your skin tone, reducing marks and scars, augmenting the circulation and regenerating the formation of new skin cells