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Organic West Indies Rub Spices - Mega Health

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West Indies Rub is “an intoxicating and alluring blend which has been popularized by traditional Caribbean and Jamaican dishes, and is best in stir fry entrees, on fish, and as a seasoning base for gumbo. Will also enhance the flavour of traditional Thai dishes.

West Indies rub is healthful for for the whole body, heart, lungs, joints, liver and basically for your whole system,  the spices have internal cleansing effects and can rev up your body giving you a mini detox when you eat. The spices help with in the process of digestion, breaking down fat, helping to speed up your metabolism, and removing stagnant waste. The tasty rub will give you a mega health boost each time you ingest it.

Contains the following ingredients: Organic Garlic, organic Black Pepper, Sea Salt, organic Ginger, organic Fenugreek, organic Coriander, organic Mustard Seed, and organic spiices. ”