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Sea Salt & Organic Fresh Herbs Flavouring - SALT TWISTER 

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 SALT TWISTER   Fresh is best, try it and taste for yourself!

SALT TWISTER   Fresh is best, try it and taste for yourself!

Organic Sea Salt & Fresh Herbs Flavouring - SALT TWISTER  Gourmet Super Food

Fresh salted herbs with a little twist of extra flavour.  Ideal for Savory, chicken, fish &Vegetarian Dishes.


Parsley is the most well known and commonly available herb; it contains vitamins A and C as well as other valuable antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals.

Basil's Health Benefits.

Rich in flavonoids, basil is an herb that is effective in preventing cell damage from both radiation and oxygen. Two of the main flavonoids are "orientin" and "vicenin".

The volatile oils of basil, inhibit bacterial growth. These oils include, estragole, linalool, cineole eugenol sabinene, myrcene, and limonene. The essential oils from basil have shown an ability to combat some pathogenic bacterium that have become resistant to treatment from antibiotics. A solution containing just 1% of the oil of basil can be used to rinse vegetables to kill infectious bacteria that cause diarrhea. Some dietitians recommend adding basil to salad dressings in order to help ensure safety when eating salads.

Basil also exhibits anti-inflammatory properties, making it a good food to consume by people who have problems with arthritis. It does this in a manner similar to aspirin. An oil in basil called eugenol blocks the activity of an enzyme in the body called cyclooxygenase. The enzyme would normally cause swelling.

Basil is a source for Vitamin K, iron, calcium, vitamin A, manganese, magnesium,vitamin c, and potassium. It is good for the heart, because it helps to prevent build-up in the arteries and fights free radicals. The magnesium helps blood vessels to relax which increases blood circulation.

Paprika. Apart from containing vitamin C, paprika is a storehouse of other essential vitamins like A, E and K. The presence of these vitamins is known to benefit the health in many ways, and is especially conducive to maintain healthy veins and capillaries.
Spicy, red hot paprika comes loaded with iron, potassium, magnesium and phosphorus. These essential minerals benefit the health in numerous ways, such as helping to purify blood, giving a boost to the heart health and more.
Paprika gets its hotness from capsaicin, a pungent, crystalline highly beneficial medicinal components that has abundant therapeutic benefits. It has many anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects and is known to lower the risk of cancer.
Paprika is believed to be a rich source of carotenids, red and yellow pigments that are known to have many health Benefits.


Marjoram. When used regularly, marjoram is a great addition to a healthy diet. Two tablespoons of marjoram is packed with antioxidants, vitamins, and other nutrients.

Digestive benefits

Increasing the efficiency of digestion by increasing digestive enzymes and saliva

Calming the stomach and digestive system.

Improving appetite

Relieving nausea

Eliminating flatulence

Curing or preventing basic intestinal infections

Soothing painful stomach cramps or spasms

Relieving diarrhea

Relieving constipation

Thymus vularis ct. linalol is recommended by herbalists as an effective and safe beginner herb for children and the elderly. Other varieties are more potent, and their use should be reserved for qualified herbalists with experience in using them. The volatile essential oils in thyme are packed with anti-septic, anti-viral, anti-rheumatic, anti-parasitic and anti-fungal properties, which explains why thyme-based formulas are used as an expectorant, diuretic, fungicide and antibiotic.

Thyme is also a powerful detoxifying agent, making it one of many liver detox foods. What’s more, the herb is a great immune system booster that encourages white blood cell formation while increasing resistance to foreign organisms. With cold and flu season upon us, considering adding thyme-based formulas to the medicine cabinet is a great idea. There is a reason the health benefits of thyme has been experienced for all of time.


Sea salt is rapidly becoming more popular, as more and more people are learning about all the health benefits that the salt has to offer. The salt is obtained naturally from the sea, and does not go through any processing that alters the natural make-up of the salt.

Thus it contains many essential trace minerals that your body needs in order to be healthy. This natural salt is healthier than the iodized salt available in the market. Read about the ten great benefits to adding sea salt to your diet:

Strong Immune System – Sea salt naturally helps you to build up a strong immune system so that you can fight off the cold virus, the fever and flu, allergies and other autoimmune disorders.

Alkalizing – Sea salt is alkalizing to the body, as it has not been exposed to high heat and stripped of its minerals, nor does it have any harmful man-made ingredients added to it. Thus it can help you to prevent and reverse high levels of acids in the body, which in turn eliminates the risks for serious and life-threatening diseases.

Weight Loss – Believe it or not, but sea salt can also help you in weight loss. It helps the body to create digestive juices so that the foods you eat are digested faster, and it helps to prevent buildup in the digestive tract, which eventually can lead to constipation and weight gain.

Skin Conditions – A sea salt bath can help to relieve dry and itchy skin as well as serious conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. The bath naturally opens up the pores, improves circulation in the skin and hydrates the tissues so that your skin can heal.

Asthma – Sea salt is effective in reducing inflammation in the respiratory system. Thus the production of phlegm is slowed down so that you can breathe easier again. Some say that sprinkling sea salt on the tongue after drinking a glass of water is just as effective as using an inhaler. But the great thing about sea salt is that it has no side effects when taken in moderation.

Heart Health – When salt is taken with water it can help to reduce high cholesterol levels, high blood pressure and help to regulate an irregular heart beat. Thus sea salt can help to prevent atherosclerosis, heart attacks and strokes.

Diabetes – Sea salt can help to reduce the need for insulin by helping to maintain proper sugar levels in the body. Thus the salt is an essential part of the diet if you are diabetic, or at risk for the disease.

Osteoporosis – Just over 1/4 of the amount of salt that is in the body is stored in the bones, where it helps to keep them strong. When the body lacks salt and water it begins to draw the sodium from the bones, which then eventually can lead to osteoporosis. Thus by drinking plenty of water and consuming salt in moderation you can prevent osteoporosis.

Muscle Spasms – Potassium is essential for helping the muscles to function properly. Sea salt not only contains small amounts of potassium, but it also helps the body to absorb it better from other foods. Thus it is effective in helping to prevent muscle pains, spasms and cramps.

Depression – Sea salt also has shown to be effective in treating various types of depression. The salt helps to preserve two essential hormones in the body that help you to better deal with stress. These hormones are serotonin and melatonin, which help you to feel good, and relax and sleep better at night.


Use. Ideal sprinkled on Savory dishes, chicken, fish & Vegetarian meals, or sandwiches.


Organic blends of freshly dried and ground sea salt, parsley, basil, marjoram, oregano, paprika, thyme.