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Organic Vegan Wild Earth Facial Scrub + French Green Clay + Rosehips with Fresh Almonds

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New and improved formula and now with a new updated name so that everyone can use it!

Specifically created for acne prone skins. Wild Earth removes impurities, deep cleanses and is an astringent, the scrub is most suited to oily or greasy spotty prone skins or those with seriously aggravated combination skins. Over a period of time the healing acne fighting green clay and botanical extracts can help minimize scarring. The scrub works effectively for closing open pores avoiding more dirt build up.

Tip: Use with my Dirt Magnet Soap for greater results and my Tea tree and Cider Vinegar toner. See Skin Care and Herbal soap pages.

Wild earth facial scrub is a unique natural scrub that truly nourishes the skin.  An excellent deep cleansing exfoliant for treating all skin types, especially beneficial for oily skin and for problems associated with acne. This all natural facial scrub will help efficiently in removing impurities, dirt, contaminants, and excess oil build up.  May either be used as a facial scrub or as a facial masque, I suggest it to be used as both, leave to dry on face and then gently exfoliate, and rinse with warm water.

Helps fight acne issues with it's powerful cleansing ability and anti- inflammatory botanicals sooth and decrease irritation.

My wild Earth facial scrub is a unique and purely natural scrub that truly nourishes and feeds the skin unlike most commercial face scrubs that can actually do more harm than good by stripping the skins natural protective layers. This blend of top quality organics including, French green clay, scottish oats, lavender, calendula flower, and the finest organic ground almonds are carefully crafted by a lengthy special process that lets the nutrients and extracts release to penetrate your skin. Try it, to feel the new found softness and condition of your skin, let us restore your natural beauty.

The balancing act.

French green clay, Organic Lavenders, organic Calendula, freshly ground Almonds, ground lemon verbena, ground rosehips, AO skintonikals essential oils, Oatbran......and lots of love.

The french green clay will helps problem skins, such as those with acne conditions, spots, breakouts, blemishes or pimples, the mixture is healing, repairing and deeply cleansing and can be used as a weekly face masque for extra benefits.

"What a find who needs a face lift ! I'm 75 years old and my skin is worn, now it feels like a new Born's it feels NOURISHED~join the club young and old , very reasonably priced for it's pure quality and gentle aroma. A brilliant buy you have got your self a regular customer, what other products do you have? Thank you"

Customer~Rosalind Margaret ( Las Vegas)

What might be the best mixer to use your dry facial grains scrubs you ask? I worked out your answer. I have been trying and testing suitable liquids that mix and hold the grains without drying the skin. Castile soap is the best! I use this either as my own lavender Castile facial wash, or as any of the compatible component blends that I create. Wild Earth - Acne - Wild Thyme Lemon Castile.  Rose Grains - Lavender Castile. You see, get the combination code?  These blend accordingly for even better results, I love how these work. My skin was glowing (I used Sage and Lemon scrub + Castile) and not dry at all, the grains hydrate and gently exfoliate, the Castile prevents the grains from dripping and dropping, it holds them more in place as you massage. I left off my moisturizer for several hours to see if there was dryness, but nothing, my skin stayed hydrated, fresh, and this is rare, my skin drys out like sand paper.