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Organic Hawaiian Rose + Oat Exfoliating & Cleansing Facial Grains Softer Skin

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Now with pink  clay added - the gentle touch.

Nature makes things simply and so do we, but the complexity comes from the unusual combinations we use at Amber's Organics.  We use the ancient traditions with a modern twist of preparation and this takes much longer and is ultimately more time consuming than most other companies fast forward manufacturing haste but we feel the quality end product we create is worth all the effort, and so are you.

A formula of  organic rose oil, Hawaiian red organic rose petals, English oatmeal, freshly ground almonds, cornmeal and pink clay for the sensitive skin formula and Kaolin clay for oily skin.  An increasingly popular choice for buyers.  A 100% natural way to beautify and rejuvenate your skin without harsh cleansers or perfumes.  Our cleansing grains were specially formulated to tighten the skin, remove dead cells, and unclog pores.  Rich and natural, supreme quality you'll notice a vast difference the first time you try it. 


Can be used as a gentle weekly face masque.

TIP!Mix scrubs with my rose or lavender hydrosols for the perfect facial.  This natural exfoliant makes a gentle paste that is easily applied to remove tired skin cells. Gentle enough to use in daily cleansing or apply weekly as a masque to further the effects

To condition the complexion and balance moisture in the skin, use the scrub to provide intensive cleaning and open pores and help treat existing acne and blackheads.


Each are tested by a growing "fan club" of enthusiastic volunteers. 

Mix with a small amount of Aloe vera Juice, water, pure oil or herbal tea to allow a soft paste to form rub gently in circular movements over the whole face for a few minutes,  feel that Softness!


"Wow, I have a soft protective feel over my whole face it really works!" Sandy Las Vegas Customer

" This product has done wonders for my dry skin, thank you Amber's organics, this really is the closest to natural I have found!" Gerry, AL

" The cleanest and most healthy my skin has felt in a long while, and NO reactions, thank you Amber's organics for true beauty!" Joyce, UK

What might be the best mixer to use your dry facial grains scrubs you ask? I worked out your answer. I have been trying and testing suitable liquids that mix and hold the grains without drying the skin. Castile soap is the best! I use this either as my own lavender Castile facial wash, or as any of the compatible component blends that I create. Wild Earth - Acne - Wild Thyme Lemon Castile.  Rose Grains - Lavender Castile. You see, get the combination code?  These blend accordingly for even better results, I love how these work. My skin was glowing (I used Sage and Lemon scrub + Castile) and not dry at all, the grains hydrate and gently exfoliate, the Castile prevents the grains from dripping and dropping, it holds them more in place as you massage. I left off my moisturizer for several hours to see if there was dryness, but nothing, my skin stayed hydrated, fresh, and this is rare, my skin drys out like sand paper.