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AO Advancing skin treatments > Organic Youth Grains Blue Cornmeal + Wildcrafted Lavender Decrease rapid aging
Organic Youth Grains Blue Cornmeal + Wildcrafted Lavender Decrease rapid aging

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A soothing blend of fragrant organic Lavender, softening rose petals and amazingly versatile ancient native American Indian food and skin treatment, blue cornmeal.This beautiful natural "close to nature" blend has extremely powerful deep cleansing properties leaving your face radiant, soft and youthfully glowing. Mild exfoliant and natural antiseptic.  

Blue cornmeal  an important traditional food of the Southwest Pueblo tribes, is ground into a fine cornmeal then mixed with organic ancient Rhassoul clay, organic oats, bentonite clay, wild lavender buds then a mix of finest oils of rose petals and essential oils plus  powdered rich dead sea salts..

I make my own fresh scrubs at your request and for your initial order giving you the finest quality of  fresh nutrient rich scrubs for your face and body.  I use only Organic ingredients or close to, as to prevent any adverse reactions.

 Blue cornmeal is an ancient food that also makes a rejuvenating skin treatment. The Hopi Indians of New Mexico have used blue cornmeal for years to improve vitality and make their skin look more youthful.

Blue cornmeal has been used by native American Woman for centuries to ensure good healthy clean skin, adding vital nutrients to aging complexions decreasing those signs of rapid aging, naturally!


Use: Add spring water, oil or mixer of choice, I like mashed cucumber or strawberries and bananas or what you have left from your smoothie, Greek and natural yogurt is excellent too.  Massage gently into face for a few moments. Rinse with warm water and moisturize. You can apply as a masque and leave for 15 mins as needed and rinse with warm water for a more intensive treatment.

Organic blends of all non GMO Blue cornmeal, rhassouls clay, ground Dead Sea salts, Scottish oats, lavender flowers ground, red  and pink rose petals, essential oil of AO SKINTONAKALS.

What might be the best mixer to use your dry facial grains scrubs you ask? I worked out your answer. I have been trying and testing suitable liquids that mix and hold the grains without drying the skin. Castile soap is the best! I use this either as my own lavender Castile facial wash, or as any of the compatible component blends that I create. Wild Earth - Acne - Wild Thyme Lemon Castile.  Rose Grains - Lavender Castile. You see, get the combination code?  These blend accordingly for even better results, I love how these work. My skin was glowing (I used Sage and Lemon scrub + Castile) and not dry at all, the grains hydrate and gently exfoliate, the Castile prevents the grains from dripping and dropping, it holds them more in place as you massage. I left off my moisturizer for several hours to see if there was dryness, but nothing, my skin stayed hydrated, fresh, and this is rare, my skin drys out like sand paper.