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NEW! Organic Neem Seed

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Organic Whole Seeds. Azhadiracta Indica -  100% Pure

Neem is known for its anti-bacterial, anti-septic, and insecticidal properties and is used in a number of herbal cosmetic, health, and hygiene products. Neem is put to many uses in industries ranging from cosmetics to oral care, from agriculture to medicine.
Neem is anti-bacterial, and the leaves have been used for centuries to make anti-bacterial washes and poultices. Add Neem Powder to cosmetic clays to make a face pack or body wrap that is suitable for acne prone skin. Add Neem Powder to salt scrubs for skin problems such as eczema and psoriasis. Make a tea infusion with neem powder, and use the infusion in a bath for chicken pox or oozing skin eruptions. Use it in a gardener's hand scrub with corn meal to provide anti-bacterial cleansing after working in the soil. Neem Powder works well as a hair oil treatment for scalp conditions.



The bark of the neem tree can be used in natural form, or as a powder. Ingested as powder, it reduces fever (while simultaneously providing all the other already-mentioned benefits as well). When rubbed over the teeth in bark or twig form, it improves dental health. Not only will it make teeth whiter, but it can also prevent gum disease, bad breath, and oral infections.


Neem flowers, when dried and powdered, also has many uses. Flowers can be ingested in any form or be applied to the skin as a paste. They are said to particularly improve digestive, intestinal, and blood conditions. The flowers are used in the preparation of special foods for diabetics.


Neem is a popular component of some Indian dishes. It contributes to the food while at the same time still maintaining its health-giving properties. Neem gum is a rich source of protein. However, for those planning to make a meal out of neem, keep in mind that the plant is more bitter than the average acetaminophen. Your guests will be healthier for it, but they may not thank you.


Neem oil is an effective spermicide that works on both animals and people. In that regard it is an excellent form of birth control. But this means that it should not be taken by anyone who is pregnant or is planning to become so.

Flea Repellant and Fur Improver

Surprise! Neem helps pets, too! Lightly rubbing neem oil into cat or dog fur will improve the shine of the coat and repel fleas. It will also not harm your pet should he or she attempt to lick it off.

It seems there is no end to benefits of neem. Neem is also fairly easy to grow – grows quickly even in desert conditions, so you should plant your own.

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