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Plantago Ovata- Desert Indian Wheat-

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Plantago Ovata is a annual that has it origins to the Mediterranean and North Africa region. The main use of Plantago Ovata is effects as a laxative as the seed consist of 19% fiber. It is a common source of psyllium seed husks, a material used as dietary fiber..

Other names:

Fleaseed, Fleawort, Ispaghula, Branching Plantain, Spogel, Plantago, Desert Indian Wheat.

Growing Information:

Plantago Ovata grows well in well drained soil and with a PH of 4.7 - 7.7. with low moisture is ideal growing conditions for this plant. The seeds are small and light. Hence before sowing, the seed is mixed with sufficient quantity of fine sand or sieved farmyard manure. The seeds are broadcasted because sowing in lines at different spacing does not increase the seed yield. After broadcasting, seeds are swept lightly with a broom to cover them with some soil. Broom however, should be swept in one direction only, to avoid deep burial of the seed for uniform germination. The sowing should immediately be followed by irrigation. Germination begins in four days after sowing. If delayed, it should be stimulated by another watering. Periodical weeding and hoeing is required