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Organic Heat Resistant "Desert" Medical Herb Garden

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I can now offer you a complete array of medical herbs that withstand high heat.  It has been weary trial and much error as to finding a variety of health giving herbs that can with stand the elements of desert life, I finally found a selection to offer you bringing a bit of hope to the despondent new comer-gardener in the desert!

Lemongrass:  Contains fragrant essential oil with the scent of lemon and violets beautiful display of fragrant grass,  rub along the long stems to release the oils. 30 seeds

Spilanthes:  Unusual immune booster herb sadly not used enough for it's full potential, makes a striking display,  the buds look like bulging fish eyes in golden colors the leaves have a shiny appeal very unusual and beautiful will no doubt get many comments! 30 seeds

Rue:  Lovely Rue, a powerful flea deterrent, it grows well in heat. Vibrant yellow flowers on a lacy soft green stem and leaf. One of the oldest medical herbs around *Caution can cause skin irritation wash hands well after contact! 10 seeds

Ashwagandha:  Fresh green leaves even in this dry heat,  great plant easy to grow builds strong roots which can be used as a Ginseng alternative can be dried and ground and used as an Immune booster~Ayurvedic herb top seller! 30 seeds