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Medical Sustainable Herb Collections > Woman Only! Organic Medical Garden for the Feminine Spirit.
Woman Only!  Organic Medical Garden for the Feminine Spirit.

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Woman Only!  Medical Garden for the Feminine Spirit. A complete medical herb garden for the Feminine spirit. Each herb has balancing benefits for the female body.

10 - 30 seeds in each packet. Quantities vary


The seeds included in this collection are as follows.

Chamomile.  Chamomile is very popular in tea form. Because of its sedative properties, it is useful for calming the nerves, menstrual cramps, diarrhea, indigestion, gas, coughing and stomach spasms.

Chaste Tree. The ‘chasteberry’ is often recommended today for the treatment of disorders of the female reproductive system, and other similar ailments affecting women of the reproductive age group. However, it may be a little strange to know that although the chaste tree is generally used for treating disorders and conditions of the female reproductive system, like for pre-menstrual syndrome or PMS and for peri - or postmenopausal symptoms such as hot flashes, they are associated with completely different hormonal imbalances. In fact, the results of a survey by medical herbalists concluded that the chaste tree may be considered an ‘adaptogen’ which affects the pituitary gland in a human being.

YarrowSpecially in women, yarrow is also useful in healing the problems of the reproductive system and in regulating the menstrual cycle. Yarrow has multifarious and often diverse functions in the same organ. While the herb helps in curbing heavy bleeding during periods, it can also set in periods. Yarrow is also beneficial in removing heat and toxins from the system through increased perspiration. Yarrow can also be used as a stimulant for the circulatory system and helps in healing varicose veins, hemorrhoids, phlebitis (inflammation of superficial veins that results in pain) and thrombosis. The herb is also useful in lowering blood pressure. The herb is also an efficient diuretic (an agent that promotes urine production and flow) and helps in letting out excessive fluids and toxins through enhanced urination. Yarrow also helps to get relief from cystitis (a bladder infection marked by pain as well as frequent, painful urination), irritable bladder, stones and irritation. In addition, the herb is useful in soothing painful joints and also clears the skin. The herb contains sterols, which have actions similar to hormones and aids in controlling the menstrual cycle. That yarrow is an extremely beneficial remedy for womenfolk; it is established from the fact that the herb moderates serious bleeding during menstruation as well as heals uterus blockages. It also helps in providing relief during heavy periods. Yarrow’s versatility as a herbal medication is again proved when it is said to be useful as a stimulant or tonic for the nervous system.

Motherwort. Motherwort is primarily an herb of the heart. Several species have sedative effects, decreasing muscle spasms and temporarily lowering blood pressure. Chinese studies found that extracts decrease clotting and the level of fat in the blood and can slow heart palpatations and rapid heartbeat. Another of motherwort’s uses is to improve fertility and reduce anxiety associated with childbirth, postpartum depression, and menopause. If used in early labor it will ease labor pains and calms the nerves after childbirth. Take motherwort only once soon after giving birth as consistent use before the uterus has clamped down may cause bleeding to continue. Use one to two times a day in the weeks following birth for easing tension and supporting a woman through the feelings that come with new mothering. Do not use during pregnancy. Motherwort helps bring on a delayed or suppressed menstrual flow, especially when someone is anxious and tense. Chinese women often use it combined with dong quai as a menstrual regulator. Avoid using for menstrual cramps when bleeding is heavy. It strengthens and relaxes the uterine muscles and eases uterine cramping. It also reduces fevers, and is especially suggested for illnesses associated with nervousness or delirium. Motherwort was formerly used to treat rheumatism and lung problems, like bronchitis and asthma. Motherwort may help an overactive thyroid but does not depress normal thyroid function. Tincture the leaves and flowers as soon as you pick them. If you prefer to dry them, lay the leaves and stalks onto screens. Motherwort tea has a very bitter taste. Chinese medicine uses the seeds to aid in urination; cool the body system; treat excessive menstrual flow, absence of menstruation.

Valerian. For sleeplessness, anxiety, stress but not to be taken whilst pregnant or breast feeding

Sage. "Sage," says Gerard, "is singular good for the head and brain; it quickeneth the senses and memory; strengtheneth the sinews; restoreth health to those that hath the palsy; and takes away shaky trembling of the members." Agrippa called it "the holy herb," because women with child, if they be likely to come before their time, "do eat thereof to their great good."

Lemon Balm. The  lemon balm remedy can also relaxes spasms that cause period pain in the reproductive system of women, these remedies can also bring relief from excessive irritability and depression related to PMS and other conditions. The remedies made from the lemon balm are also very useful as an aid in regulating menstrual periods and have found traditional use in relaxing and strengthening women during the process of childbirth and in bringing on the afterbirth. The lemon balm remedy can help bring relief from depression that occurs postnatal as well as the one that comes during menopause.

Flax. Flaxseed is well known as a natural laxative. It is best when purchased whole and ground up in a coffee grinder as it is needed. Only when it is ground up does it release the essential fatty acids needed to work. It can also be used for colds, bronchitis and pneumonia

St. Johns wort.  St. Johns wort has been highly touted for its ability to help with depression. However, it is also good to use during menopause and will help if a person has a painful menstrual cycle.

Evening Primrose.   Evening Primrose is another herb that has been found to be effective with allergies, coughs, asthma and other cold related illnesses. It has sedative properties that help with high blood pressure, hyperactivity, menstrual cramps and other female problems.


Complete garden with basic instructions.