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Organic VitaliTea Medicinal Herb Garden Collection

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If you need more vitality and endurance to face a life so busy, full and active, this could be the garden for you. This formulated herb garden containing several strengthening herbs can be easily grown and eventually used to nourish your body at deep cellular levels for long term health stability. You can mix and match the herbs in your newly founded herb garden to create different health benefiting teas suitable for your weekly needs.  As your body's needs change this array of energizing herbs will give you plenty of choices to accommodate what your body requires. These are all tasty teas and will be a welcome addition to your healthier lifestyle.


Ashwaghanda - Ginseng like Ayurvedic tonic, Immune system support.

Liquorice - Adrenal support, adaptogen, Liver restoring.

Lemongrass - Cleanser, rejuvenator, complete systematic support.

Peppermint - Cleansing, cooling, lymphatic draining.

Holy Basil - Restorative, Tonic, Energizer, Immune Modulator.

Fennel - Cleanser, tonic, purifying, energizing, uplifter, stabilizer, stomach tonic.

Red Clover - Blood cleanser, nourishing, restorative.


10-50 seeds in each packet.