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The Winter ills & Chills Cabinet Collection.

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A collection of herbs ready for you to plant, harvest and store for next years winters ailments. These selection will come in useful to treat all kind of Winters woes including, coughs, colds, upset stomachs, flu, chest infections, congestion, or any other " that time of the year" ailment. Use them for teas, inhalation therapy, make your own salves and chest rubs, the list is endless be creative and be responsible.


The collection includes.

Marshmallow - Mucilage, soothing Lubricant, Anti-Inflammatory, calms Sore Throats.   (Nutritious, soothing to the digestion, stimulating to the immune system and helps prevent and repair ulcerations of the gastric mucosa and duodenum and ease mucous membrane irritations)  

Elecampane - Lungs, Chest Infections, Congestion.

Echinacea - Infections, Flu, Immune Stimulator.

Yarrow - Fever, Chills, Induces Fever.

Thyme - Decongestant, Chest ailments, Cough, Sore Throat.

Hyssop - Chest ailments, Congestion, Cleansing, Purifies, Gentle Purge,

Holy Basil - Restorative, Cleansing,  aids recuperation, strengthening, immune balancing,  helps appetite, eases Flu, Colds, used when all else fails to cure!


NOTE: Be certain to add some good organic honey to your medicinal teas.


25 seeds in each packet. Information booklet included.