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Organic Herb Compress Therapy Kit.

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A gentle and extremely effective treatment for too much heat (inflammation) or minor bumps, pains, sprains and bruises can come in the tried-and-true form of an herbal compress. This Amber’s Organics exclusive preparation brings about the healing constituents of herbs and the soothing benefits of a cool damp cloth close to your skin to accelerate the natural healing process. When draped around the skin, the moisture of the tea soaked towel softens the skin and allows the healing herbs to penetrate deep into your body going to the exact location needed.

Unlike a warm compress, a cold compress constricts blood vessels, which helps ease swelling and calm inflammation, as well as reduce some kinds of pain. You can use a cold compress to soothe insect bites, sunburns, and general skin irritations. Cold compresses can also help speed healing in situations of bruising, occasional swollen glands, and minor strains and sprains. I have been using these for years and absolutely rave about them. I use them on my stomach too for inflammation, it certainly brings much needed relief.

1 bag of 2 ounces of freshly dried blended herbs of choice and one large muslin bag.Instructions.


Organic Herbal Compress Choices.

Bug Bites. Organic Plantain, chickweed, calendula.

Burns. Calendula, Sage, Rose, Marshmallow.

General. Lavender,St Johns Wort,

Glands. Yarrow, Peppermint, Comfrey.