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Certified Organic White Sage (Salvia apiana) Bag - For Purification & Peace

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Amber's Organics LLC Created and lovingly handmade by your British Ally, Amber, in the USA

Organic True White Sacred Sage Salvia apiana - Purification Cleansing Bag.

Sage Smudging is a ritual where the leaves of the Sage plant are burned, and the smoke is directed into and onto areas that are in need of clearing and protection. ... As the smoke clears, the spirit of White Sage carries with it the negative energy that was once attached, back up to the Spiritual Light.
The Native American tribes were known to use sage for multiple purposes such as healing, clearing space and ceremonies.

Many benefits can be gained in utilizing sage for smudging. If you're not familiar with smudging, it's Native American ritual that's like a "spiritual house cleaning" or spiritual purification.Smudging and Burning Sage To Clear Negative Energy. ... It's where people burn sage, plant-based resins, incense or herbs to help to clear their energy field, auras and sacred environment.

This a 100% true Organic white Sage Muslin bag nothing added just that tell-tale aroma that is truly distinctive from the rest.  White Sage has always been known for it's purification properties, put this to good use in your bed room to cleanse your night dreams from harmful negativity!

4" x 6" hemp bag sachet filled with PURE Organic white Sage Salvia apiana.

These are all handmade fresh for you as you order.


Makes a lovely gift for those Eco minded-friends!