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Organic "EasApain" Heating + Cooling Bag. Localized Pain Pad

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A delightful blend of pain alleviating herbs in a simple muslin sachet. Heat gently in microwave (or cool in a freezer) for mild relief of pain on localized areas including head, neck, shoulders or area's of the back. Ideal for children too as the aroma calms the mind as well as soothing tired weary muscles and pains, can be used on forehead and over face, very gently for sinus pressure, migraines, headaches, tension and stress headache. The bag works very well for localized stomach pain or lower period pains. Perfect for tooth aches, throat pain, neck pain and similar issues.

Balanced herbs include Lemon Thyme, mugwort, spearmint, peppermint, lavender and essential oils.

5 x 7

Works for pets too, safe and non toxic.