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Organic Feminine Douche Herbal Tea "Sweet Cleanse" Yeast/infection

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The ingredients in this herbal douche help restore normal pH to the vagina, has a soothing effect, and kills off a variety of undesirable organisms including the ones present during BV and Candida infections. It is gentle enough not to unbalance the vaginal Flora or cause irritations, it is 100% natural and pure and works in harmony with your body:  Ideal for thrush and after anti-biotics or when discharge is present. This remedy cools, sooth and calms inflammations.

Dosage. 4 ounce jar,  two douche applications.

Organic Formula of Comfrey, chamomile, sage, peppermint, spearmint.

Steep the herb formula in one quart of water for one hour. Strain. Add the rest of the ingredients and mix well. When the mixture has sufficiently cooled (it should be warm, but not hot) place in a douche bag, and very gently, using a slow flow, douche with the mixture.


NOTE! During a yeast infection, eating well balanced and good natural diet can be an extremely important factor. Eating the right kinds of foods can result in simple recovery from a yeast infection affecting the body. A slightly acidic environment is the preferred growing range for body yeast. The ideal and healthy vaginal environment is much more acidic then the environment required for the growth of yeast. To bring a balance to the normal acid-alkaline level in the vagina, the person should place emphasis on eating light and wholesome meals-which are very healing to the body and which will help in brining about restoration of the acid and alkali levels in the body. An important part of the recovery and treatment process is in consuming well planned meals-the person must consult a dietitian for proper meal planning.