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Organic Just Be Natural Herbal Poultice Mix - Anti-Inflammatory.

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This is a simple easy but highly effective to use poultice blend that can be mixed with milk, herb tea or spring water to make a soothing poultice for area's of inflammation, skin swellings, growths or similar. I use it to ease some of my own lower abdomen pain. It is made from only the purest Organic herbs such as Chapparel and Goldenseal which are renowned for their exceptional healing and drawing properties they help pull out toxins for the localized area's-- it also contain the very soothing, anti-swelling, slippery elm bark and anti-inflammatory ground flax seeds.

TO USE: Mix up the blend with water or milk and spread over area's of pain, swelling etc, then place some cheesecloth over the areas and add warmth such as a hot water bottle for extra results.

What is this?   A Poultice refers to a blend of medicinal herbs which is heated and applied to the body. The usage of poultices dates back to ancient times and can be found in virtually every culture on every continent. Through the years the technique has been honed and evolved to utilize the best materials and to deliver the best medicinal effect.

The poultice is a unique drug delivery system. The heat opens the pores of the skin which allows the herbal medicine to diffuse through the skin and then into the bloodstream via the local capillaries.  Due to the materials used in the poultice the heat is retained which keeps the pores open throughout the duration of the application. The heat further has a benefit to stimulate local blood flow by allowing the capillaries to expand.

This technique avoids any drug allergy effects and bypasses any complications from medication needing to pass through the digestive tract. Injections can also deliver medicine directly to a local area but there is the added side effect of the needle insertion and some people have negative reactions to the preservatives used in many injectable drugs. The herbal poultice is unique because it is able to deliver medicinal herbs directly to the affected area with no side effects.

The other benefit of the poultice therapy is that it can be applied virtually anywhere on the body and that different herbal formulas can be used to treat a variety of conditions. For example one formula helps with women’s reproductive health and is best applied locally over the lower abdomen. Another formula is great for arthritis and would be applied over the affected joints. Yet another formula is specially designed to treat lower back pain and would be applied over the lower back.