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Chic Vegan - Organic Roll on Aroma Acne. Blemish. Pores. Scars Skinsational Plum Oil + the Essentials Serum

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This light oil also help to minimize scarring and can help prevent future scarring.

+ Calms acne irritations

+ Relieves redness

+ Reduces previous scars

+ Prevents future scarring

+ Gentle lightener

Wildcrafted Lavender essential oil and Frankincense have healing properties. Frankincense has been proven to help support the function of your cells, including cell turnover.  Based on research, it can help reduce scars and stretch marks, reduce age spots, and help with wrinkles too, it is a powerful anti-inflammatory agent.

Blue Eucalyptus and AU Tea Tree Essential Oil possess anti-bacterial, anti-septic and anti-microbial properties to reduce redness and infections.  Argentinean Lemon Essential Oil helps calm and decrease redness it holds brightening properties to assist in reducing the appearance of scarring.

The wonder base consists of: Organic Cold Pressed plum oil, almond Oil hydrates and softens the complexion, and is an a mountain of antioxidant power, rich in Vitamin E which helps speed up the cell regeneration of your skin. The oil we get from those plums is rich in Vitamins A and E (antioxidants that help minimize the signs of aging), omega fatty acids (these moisturize and help maintain the skin's natural barrier) and polyphenols (another antioxidant that helps repair damaged skin) now that's natures power.

So, what is plum oil?
Plum oil (also known as plum seed oil or plum kernel oil) is a cold-pressed, virgin beauty oil extracted from the seeds of French Ente plums. Its most impressive stats? That it’s eight times more powerful than argan oil and six times more powerful than marula oil when it comes to protecting skin and hair from free radicals.

What are the benefits of using plum oil?
It’s full of nourishing omega fatty acids (13 different kinds to be exact) and vitamins A and E, which heal and hydrate dry skin, hair and nails better than any other oil out there. Plum oil also has anti-inflammatory properties that help to reduce the appearance of (at the very least!) puffiness, irritation, dark spots, under-eye circles, wrinkles and dry skin. It’s also good for soothing skin conditions like eczema, acne and psoriasis. It’s more or less the oil to end all oils. I add it to almond oil to enhance this blend and it works beautifully.

AO Tip:

  • Massage the roller ball into and around your blemishes as you see them forming. Although the disappearance is not instant, persistence is key, the natural way is the lasting way but not always instant!  However, some improvements are instant such a soft, smooth skin.
  • Us it at daily (every 10-30 mins) and always overnight (on scars too) be persistent and use consistently to see results!
  • Yes, you can use it around your eyes, around your mouth (or lips) roll over the neck, hands, over scars, your forehead, it does wonders for tired, dry, aging, damaged, inflamed, irritated skins too. 

Directions: Gently apply onto blemishes and scars as needed or throughout the night. Ideal to use after cleansing and toning. Please keep away from direct heat or sunlight

Ingredients:Organic Cold Pressed plum oil and Sweet Almond Oil, Essential Oils of AU Tea Tree, Wildcrafted Lavender, Frankincense, Argentinian Lemon and Blue Eucalyptus 


1) Can I use the aroma roller ball over makeup?It's best to use this roller ball on clean skin, to prevent bacteria from clogging up your pores even more. Although you can use it throughout the day, it's best to be used on bare,  no makeup or made up fresh skin. You can use this at the home and chill times when makeup is not essential.

2) Does it matter at what point in the routine to use this product?You can use it after the cleanser, the facial toning, or even after you lightly moisturize! However, I personally advise to use it before moisturizer, so the soothing serum can absorb into your skin, blemishes and pores first!