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Making bath time healthier for you > Organic Lavender, Violet & Buckwheat Eye "Pillow" Tea Bags
Organic Lavender, Violet & Buckwheat Eye "Pillow" Tea Bags

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The tea bags come in a lightweight bag.

Lightweight pillows just enough to find a little respite throughout your day and small and gentle enough to give your children when they are restless at night. They can be gently heated for a second or 2 in your microwave or cooled in your freezer for a hot or cold treat.

Sleep has no alternative. It retains health and restores lost health. Those who spend long hours in front of computers often complain of sleeplessness, heated nervous system and a restive mind. What they desire strongly to have at the end of a day is a sound sleep that lavender eye pillows can provide them.

Please read what they can do.
1. Help restless minds to fall asleep
2. Calm down a restive mind
3. Promote relaxation and comforts
4. Provide soothing and light pressure
5. Aroma-therapy with such pillows slows the activity of nervous system
6. Improve sleep quality
7. Soothe mood in people suffering from sleep disorders


The petite pillows are biodegradable, they can be composted after use. All tea bags are handmade just for your precious eyes. fresh is best, we care!


Cruelty Free



 Organic non dyed tea bags, buckwheat hulls, lavender, violet leaf and essential oils.