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Making bath time healthier for you > Organic " Skimiracle " Steam Tea The Perfecting Facial Cleanse
Organic " Skimiracle " Steam Tea The Perfecting Facial Cleanse

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 My exclusive steaming botanicals have been designed for dull, aging, damaged, open pores, blackheads, discoloration, sagging skin, unhealthy complexion, lack of smoothness, bumps, dryness, irritation, inflammation, scarring, acne, pimple and skins prone to outbreaks, dark circles in fact almost all skin ailments.
Toning, cleansing, astringent, clearing, anti-septic and soothing too. This handmade organic Tea is everything you need in a facial steam.
Rosemary is rejuvenating and help the skin repair and renew at a deep cellular level oxygenating your skins circulatory system. The Rosemary aroma is good for the brain too and helps the memory.  Inhalation is cleansing to the mind as well as the skin.It can help alleviate sinus issues and congestion of the lungs, chest and sinus areas. It can also help alleviate headaches and inflammations of the head and throat.
Comfrey  Is regenerating, it works by naturally increasing the skins ability to heal and form fresh skin layers. It repairs damaged skin, heals scarring and old wounds, it contains natural allantions ( phytochemicals) which stimulate cell regeneration. The Tannins and rosmarinic acid are powerful anti- inflammatories.
Lemon lightens and brightens, it is a natural antiseptic able to clear up pimples and acne issues.
Nettles are powerful skin healers, they claim benefits of anti inflammatory properties, soothing and softening the skin stimulating new blood flow to repair damage and reducing allergic reactions.Nettles are also used in anti aging products to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. 
Lavender is the calming her for all skin concerning ailments, it also is naturally antibacterial and can inhibited the growth of bacteria that lives within the skin minimizing outbreaks and acne. Lavender calms and reduces redness and inflammation leading to clearer skin. 
Fennel is a natural skin tonic and toner, it is gently astringent and helps to close open pores. it is a mild disinfectant and has a calming effect on irritated skin.
Created specifically for deep pore cleansing, restoration, and skin vitality this is the Ultimate facial steam.
TIP!  Use the remainer of your steam stea to cleanse your face night and day, bottle it up and pop it in the fridge it should last several days.

Organic blends of Lavender, lemon, comfrey, fennel seeds, rosemary and nettles,