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Making bath time healthier for you > Organic Sinus Steam + Congestion (Allergy Noses) Tea Bags
Organic Sinus Steam + Congestion (Allergy Noses) Tea Bags

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These amazingly effective decongestant T-bags are made from a selective choice of decongestant herbs and flowers each has it's own individual balance and benefit. Eucalyptus combines with fragrant rosemary, wild sage, lavender and a unique array of soothing Amber's Organics "elusive"essential oils which are cooling and soothing to sinus pain congestion.

Botanical relief  for the sinus's whilst also created specifically for deep pore cleansing, restoration, and skin vitality. Facial steam T-bags are a wonderful way to absorb the pure essence of beneficial herbs without the mess of ordinary loose herb mixes. My organic herbs are pure, they are non-irritating or aggravating but please use all products with caution as even "natural" beauty care can in some individuals cause minor reactions, go gently and test your sensitivity levels.

How to use your T-bags:  Place one T~bag in a bowl of very hot water  ( be careful not to burn your self)  gently  place your head over the bowl leaving a towel over you head to induce sweat and hold steam, keep taking short "breathing breaks" -your sinus's will be eased as these herbs and oils are effective in helping ease sinus problems.


Steam Inhalation has been used for centuries to clear the skin and also for Increasing moisture into the lungs, GREAT for colds, Flu and chest or sinus Congestion. I am extremely prone to these conditions that is why I concocted these wonderful beauty and naturally healing T-bags remedies.  


Customers love them!

" I keep a spare packet of these powerful T-Bags, they have been a tremendous help to me without my using the drugs and pharmaceuticals that have done more harm than good, I love these, my head feels so much better after, wonderful products!" Amy, NY

"There is something "Magical" about Amber's Products, this one included, love them so does my Family! " Jean, NM

" These really do what they say they will do!" Anya, NC