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Making bath time healthier for you > Organic Witch Hazel & Lemongrass Facial Steam Tea. Acne/Problem skin.
Organic Witch Hazel & Lemongrass Facial Steam Tea. Acne/Problem skin.

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Witch Hazel is an amazingly toning astringent ideal for the perfect facial steam,  just drop the tea into a bowl of hot water and steam your whole face gently, you can really pleasantly feel this toning herb lift out dirt from those greasy unhealthy clogged pores.

Lemongrass Uses: Acne oily skin, in general, lemon grass has been used as a mild astringent, to close pores, as an antiseptic, and as an anti fungal

Acne Treatment

  • Lemongrass is a popular natural treatment for acne. Acne is caused by infection that settles after a pimple formed by dirt, grease and oil on the skin ruptures. The antiseptic properties of lemongrass can help treat acne naturally without drying out the skin. Adding pure lemongrass oil to the warm water you use when washing your face can help treat acne breakouts on your face.


  • Lemongrass oil has anti-fungal, antimicrobial and antiseptic chemicals that make the oil an effective natural astringent. A lemongrass oil toner can tighten and firm the skin. You can also add several drops of lemongrass oil to your store-bought toner to boost its effectiveness. Lemongrass oil can help contract and shrink the appearance of pores on the face when applied directly to the skin.